"Fifty Shades Darker" → Comes Into The Shadows...

Film SynopsisWhile Christian (Jamie Dornan) wrestles with his inner demons, Anastasia (Dakota Johnson) must confront the anger & envy of all the women who came before her. 

Sequels always seem to be so much more better than originals to me. Don't you agree? I think that Dakota & Jamie are the perfect match to play the characters of Ana & Christian. 

I don't want to say that Ana is a nitwit or nothing but she says some of the off the wall things in these films that are stupid, but yet funny and at the same time she is a strong & eager young woman who can handle situations that arise her way. In this second installment, I saw what I knew was coming-- and that was Christian starting to change.

It was odd to see him cuddling with Ana, cooking with her, and just being ....dare I say it...NORMAL! Lol! This movie was filled with more intrigue, dynamic plots, mystery, and love. I love the love story in this sequel unlike the first where it was just raunchy and raw. I could not get enough! Wanting more! It draws you in! The sex scenes were romantic and was passionate at the same time as well. 

Some of Christian's sexual acts was funny and "moving" to me because of how Ana handled them & also how she coped with what he was doing. I also noticed that she still wanted to please him and she asked; yes, asked him to use some of his toys on her per her request. 

That was brave of her and showed her love and understanding to his needs WITH LIMITATIONS of what she was and was not willing to do. I admired the fact that he turned into Ana's submissive when he said that he could not live with out her. She meant more to him that anything else on this earth. I knew he could say that because I read the books, but seeing it...in the movie....and hearing Christian say it as well was like...I was just in awe of that. 

This movie was worth the one year wait and now I have to wait again on Mr. and Mrs. Grey to make their final appearance! 

I loved the every last second of this phenomenal blockbuster sensation! Glad I had the pleasure to see it early the day before it came out in theaters. I felt like Christian Grey. I had it all by having tonight aka early showing 1 day early!