"Get Out" → Beyond Crazy In A Good 'TSA' Way!

Film Synopsis: A young African-American man (Daniel Kaluuya) visits his Caucasian girlfriend's (Allison Williams) mysterious family estate.

Oh, yeah- it was A LOT more than what poor Chris had bargained for, I'd say the least! I wasn't sure in seeing this movie at first, but then started noticing all of the positive buzz surrounding it and I never listen to critics reviews because they bash every movie- every time! This is a new-age type of horror film, although it was not scary, but more on the psychological side.

I am glad I followed my second instincts although Chris should have followed his friend, Rod's advice. About halfway through the movie, I just blurted out in my head as I saw the crazy grounds/housekeepers what I believed was going on in the film or what the story-line was all about and I was dead on the head with it! I am not saying it is predictable, but it is easy to solve and yet complicated at the same time.

The movie started off like a classic Halloween movie minus the bloody horror show. I loved that! It set the tone for the entire film! This is, by far, the best horror film of 2017 and I cannot say that about a lot of movies. It had a twist in it that I did not see coming until it was revealed.

The myth in horror films are almost always the same and I don't know why and that myth is that African Americans get to die in the films. Will Chris out last everyone? What do you think? Do you feel it is a myth in horror films? Chris' buddy, the TSA Agent was kicks! He had me laughing so much that I forgot to be scared!

I loved every second of the film. The housekeeper Georgina was the one that was the oddest duck out of the whole pack! The way she looked, acted, and smiled. She was psycho to me! There is a reason why Rose's family always stayed on top and had so many black servants. 

Will you be able to get out and investigate why? I will leave it at that and let you play detective now. I have given enough clues, but if you look closely, the easier it will be for everyone to fool you!

Everything was magical! There was never a dull moment! Never ever! I could not and did not want to take my eyes off the screen. But, AGAIN...the oddest worker for the family was Georgina. She freaks you the hell out! For real! Lol! 

When people say that blood is thicker than water and families will stick together---why complete this thought of mine.....I will let you "get out" of the house and see the film so you can see why this family was strong and unstoppable! Good luck!