"Rings" → Going In Endless Circles!

Film Synopsis: A young woman (Matilda Lutz) finds herself on the receiving end of a terrifying curse that threatens to take her life....in 7 days. 

I have seen all of the Ring movies in the franchise so how could I opt out of this one? I don't want to give this one a terrible rating, but I am brutally honest when it comes to my ratings on films and I cannot cut corners or give this one slack. 

It didn't suck but it was not what I expected. I never did get sleepy or fell asleep on it but I was expecting a hell of a lot more of what I saw. It was bland; like eating food that had a very, very, very mild and faint taste! There were the horror portions in the film that made it scary, but it did not make me gag, cover my eyes, jump, be in suspense, nothing like that at all.

I was not rocking back and fourth in my chair in high anticipation because of the "scary movie predictable music." I just was not feeling this movie as I thought that I would. 

I think that I have seen so many movie similar to this that I can pretty much almost predict when something is going to happen unless the film tricks me in some sort of way. Sorry everyone- this was an average film that did not have the chills that I was expecting. Maybe the 2nd horror film I see this year will be better than this pick.

There's nothing more I can say about the movie, but it was pretty average and not a total waster but if you want to catch it at a matinee or until it is on RedBox- that would be a safe bet! If you have seen the previous films, you might have an idea how this one ends...