"Beauty And The Beast" → Never Goes Out Of Style!

Film Synopsis: An adaptation of the Disney fairy tale about a monstrous-looking prince (Dan Stevens) & a young woman (Emma Watson) who fall in love. 

A classic fairy tale that NEVER gets old and NEVER EVER goes out of style- no matter how many times someone re-makes it. The sole and main purpose is still always there- love and overlooking someone's exterior and knowing what is most CRUCIAL- their interior. Ever heard of the old saying of "never judge a book by its cover."

In this epic classic tale, this rings true which is most likely the reason Beastly was made as a spin off from this. Beastly starred Alex Pettyfer and Vanessa Hudgens in the exact same story-line. I don't need to get into details about the film because we have all heard the story so I will write my review based on the actors in the film without giving away any certain details or aspects of the film. 

Firstly, Luke Evans & Josh Gad are an absolutely awesome duo! Even solo, Josh Gad shines- he is just humorous in himself! Those two have the magic; the on-screen chemistry! Belle, played by Emma Watson was such a fine choice- she was flawless in her role and was very believable. 

The entire time she was singing solo, I felt as if I was in a real live opera house and was watching the play L-I-V-E! This movie brought out the inner kid in me! Everyone delivered a highly enjoyable perfomance that was delivered beautifully! 

This tale of love and deception is one that will live forever in people's hearts & minds simply because of one thing: beauty. 

Beauty is not only on the outside, but it is more carefully observed in the inside such as much! Never get caught up in appearances and think that you are more than anyone else or think so highly of yourself because there are people in the world who will smack you back down to reality-

It might not be a harsh punishment as transforming you into a beast; but you don't want to turn into something where you can never see the good you had in yourself before you lost yourself to vanity....