"CHiPs" → Like Eating Plain & Tasteless Potato Chips

Film Synopsis: A rookie officer (Michael Pena) is teamed with a hardened pro (Dax Shepard) @ the California Highway Patrol, though the newbie soon discovers his partner is really an  undercover Fed investigating a heist that may have involved some crooked cops. 

Right from the bat, I coudl tell that this was a low-budget film. It was funny, but the picture quality was not all that great and that is what was a big turn off to me. 

It had some pretty good cast members in it. The story-line as not all that great and boy it seemed like everyone was dirty in the film: lovers, cops, husbands, wives, etc. Geezum! Don't think the movie is about action and comedy...it so much more SMALLER than that.

It was on the borderline between laughter and just keeping me barely entertained with minimal laughter. I would say that this is a red-box rental. The only thing that was making the film funny was Dax Shephard and Michael Pena. I would say more of Dax than that of Pena. 

The film did not go off the wall with humor, but the humor was sexually lewd. I felt all that Dax was doing was having his character refer to his genitals over and over again. I mean doesn't that get old...talking about how massive and glorifying your manhood is? 

Who wants to hear bout that in every scene in the movie in some sort of a way? I could not imaginative having a friend in real life who did that! 

There was a point in the film where two guys in the bike shop was saying that Dax's character talks about his penis so much to compensate for it being so tiny. 

Literally, that is what anyone would think....in real life. This is NOT a film that I would rush out of the house to go and see. Pena played the role of a sex addict. Sex! Sex! Sex! This was just a porno movie with everyone's clothes on--sexual references, sexual jokes/humor. 

I can get that being in a movie on and off, but every second and every scene had to do with sex, but only breasts were shown and only on 1 if 2 occasions. 

If all this sexual stuff was going on why wasn't more of it shown in the film? In short, it is a sexually explicit raunchy film that I feel should have gone to DVD and skipped theaters. 

I got my laughs from it but I will not give it another thought unless someone asks me have I seen it or something like that.