"Kong: Skull Island" → Monstrous Enjoyment!

Film Synopsis: A team of scientists explore an uncharted island in the Pacific, venturing into the domain of the mighty Kong & must fight in order to escape a primal Eden. 

I had my doubts about seeing the movie- but, I am actually kind of glad that I went ahead and jumped at the chance to see it. I was really impressed with what I saw and amazed at how similar this movie was to Jurassic Park

I say that because I never knew what was a figment of my imagination in the film- or something realistic! The film did a good job at bringing the oddest things to life. It had some gross parts to it, but in every movie you need a little grotesque in films esp films like these to make the audiences jump in shock and awe. 

You should stay for the ending credits because it will be interesting for you what is revealed. My favorite part of the film was when Kong allowed Mason to get close to him. 

The role that Jackson played was the villain to me because he did not understand that Kong was defending his territory and intentionally seeking out to hurt or kill any of his men- it was the MANNER in which Lt. Packard invaded in on Kong's domain. 

Towards the end of the movie, the way Kong let his wall down towards the people was sentimental and kind, I have to say. Sweet, even. I had the opportunity to see the movie in a Dolby theater and the seats moves and shock every time there was an action scene and even if Kong was not in that scene, the seats still rocked like the film! 

If you have a Dolby theater in @ your local theater, I suggest you take advantage of it by seeing this film in that particular theater! In closing, the film was highly enjoyable and there is never a dull moment. 

Reilly & Hiddleston provided the humor and amazement during the film! They both were  great assets to the film's success I believe and a bonus because John C. Reilly never disappoints! Never ever!