"Power Rangers" → Pretty Average!

Film Synopsis: A group of high school kids are infused with superhero powers, harness
their abilities in order to save the world. 

Have you ever wondered to yourself that the one actor/actress that you envisioned for a role in a movie could land the part and then when you see the actual finished product....it is not who you had hoped but you wind up loving who was chosen for the role and they nailed it? That is how I felt about this entire cast. I just wanted to throw that out there before I got into my rating.

That is how I felt about Elizabeth Banks as Rita. I have never seen her portray a villain before in a movie and she was great at it. I can compliment her on that role all day 24/7. Banks really should have been seen more in this film. 

It was a good thing that she needed gold because gold shined and so did she in the film. I was in total amazement! Out of the 5 kids that were the Power Rangers, the baddest one of all was Trini to me and not Kimberly. Most of you will think it is Kimberly, but it isn't- at least not to me.

The reason I say that is is Trini is due to the fact that it takes a very STRONG individual to let down their walls they've built up to protect themselves and become vulnerable with others. She did that with the other kids and that is what made her strong to me. 

Jason made have been the leader that was chosen out of the 5 of the kids, but she was strong for doing that part. I did hear and read a lot of negativity (which is why I try to avoid reading movie critics reviews beforehand) about the film but I was interested in seeing it because who has not seen this as a kid...all comic book stories are coming into theaters so why not give this one a try. 

It may not dominate Kong or Beauty & the Beast, but I know that it will do well & will be in the Top 5. The actor, Dacre Montgomery who portrayed Jason- this has NOTHING to do with my rating of the film, but had to put it out there- he reminded me of Zac Efron ENTIRE ENTIRE ENTIRE time I was watching the movie. 

I was in TOTAL and 100% awe of how much he resembles Zac! Lol! All of the 5 actors did a great job and I thoroughly enjoyed the film....like I said particularly Bank's evil role of Rita. 

Her performance really was lewd, crude, pure magic and solid gold! So go morph because it is Ranger time!