"The Belko Experiment" → Gory Office Catastrophe

Film Synopsis: In a twisted social experiment, 80 American are locked up in their high-rise corporate office building in Bogata, Columbia & ordered by an unknown voice over the PA System to participate in a deadly game of kill or be killed- did they all comply? 

This was a film based on a very good & most interesting plot- the only downfall was that it was poorly directed and poorly shot. It should have gone straight to DVD and skipped theaters in my expert opinion. I could tell that the budget was not that much and to only shoot in one location: Columbia. 

Like I stated, this film really did (and I say this truthfully) have a premise that was intriguing; I really felt that there were not any well-known actors in the movie to make it a success! The background music, the opening sequences music, and the music in the actual film was all Latino musica; which set the tone seeing as the film was set in Columbia. Truly funny and appropriate!

The killings were massive, in packs, and brutal. It reminded me of the film entitled, Wedlock. I will not go far to say the very brutal manner in which all of the employees had to fight for their lives by killing other fellow employees to save their own lives was that like in the Hostel movies, but it came dang on close to that! 

Out of 80 employees only ONE, yes ONE survives! You can feel in the beginning that you are watching The Purge simply due to the masks that you see everyone wearing when the film first begins. In conclusion, the film is not predictable to me because people just get killed out of the blue- it has your nerves going absolutely crazy.

There is no time to relax and try to think about what will happen next.....who will get killed and in what way and by whom....the attacks come not when you are expecting it & that it's mind-blowing and razor-sharp. 

There are people who are cut-throat employees who will stoop to any means to stay alive! I am telling you that is the best aspect of the film- you never see a killing coming! Simply because someone is being captured on the movie screen with a close up does mean that they will automatically killed!

Not in this movie and at the conclusion of the film when you see the one standing survivor, you will say to yourself...."the Belko Experiment."