"The Shack" → Great Depiction of Spirituality!

Film Synopsis: A grieving man (Sam Worthington) receives a mysterious, personal invitations to meet with God at a place called "The Shack".

Such a peaceful film! Such a deep film! Moving! Mesmerizing! I could go on an on about what I thought of this film. I do not care how the critics bashed this film and what the rating are. 

I think that this IS the best film of 2017! I was in the theater shedding some tears myself! I love and can appreciate movies such as these. They prick at your heart and touch your soul! Spencer has that "motherly glow and love" so she can portray this role in her sleep, real life, etc. 

She has that about her! The film touched on the most basic concepts that are in the bible and what is preached by so many religions, but in varied ways but the meaning is still the same. 

I loved the part in the film where Mac said to God, "if you love her, why did you let this happen to her? All the time when some one dies or something bad happens to someone that we care about out natural instinct is to blame God, butt hat is never the case and as Papa said in the movie- no one is immune from sin and just because it was committed that does not mean that I orchestrated it. 

The film touched on judging others, blaming yourself, holding onto hurt and never letting go, forgiveness. The list goes on and on. The movie really rocked me and in a great way. I connected with Mac on so many levels. I bonded with the film- in great detail. This is a must see film for everyone. 

It is #1 in my book and if there was a shack to go to, I would meet with God and feel the peace and tranquility that Mac felt while he was there! I was overjoyed that I had the opportunity to see Olivia Spencer in this film! I LOVE her! She belonged in this film! 

The peace and love that this film proud out to me was overwhelming! I cannot wait to own this movie and watch it in my home because I am very, very, very fond of it! Wonderful messages from all three servants wanting to help Mac overcome the obstacle he was struggling with. 

Jesus Christ is always with us and HE will never leave out side. That is the overall message you get from being at The Shack! He will never leave you- no matter what!You don't have to see him to know he is there- you will FEEL him!