"Unforgettable" → Tessa Is....The Actual Movie...Forgettable...

Film Synopsis: The ex-wife, Tessa (Katherine
Heigl) sets out to make life pure hell for David's, her ex-husband's (Geoff Stults) new and current wife, Julia (Rosario Dawson).

I have never seen Heigl in a role like this. I don't consider her role in Home Sweet Hell comparable to this except for the fact that she played an obsessive compulsive in both, but overall- no.....comparison...this film is a suspense/thriller while Home Sweet Hell was a comedy. See the difference? 

Towards the close of the movie, you can begin to understand why the movie is called "Unforgettable" because of the "memorable moments" that happen in the last 15-20 minutes of the film. The movie had very poor picture quality & I was very disappointed at the overall film seeing that I was super-stoked about it ever since I heard about it! 

You could see where Tessa's rage & her obsessive need to have things in order and to come off as more than strong stemmed from. It was like her mother was grooming her to groom Lily to be the same exact same way. Twisted. Very and seriously twisted! 

Cheryl Ladd was not in a lot of scenes, but the few she was in- she was making my bones rattle just as much as Tessa did. Tessa acted like a terminator nodding her head, acting stuff like a machine, sitting upright and perfect. Too much! Too much I say!

There were only TWO things good about this film and they are pretty trivial- (1) the "killer" trailers/clips & (2) the movie posters for it. That's it! So serious! This movie was along the "stalker-ish" movies such as: The Perfect Guy, Obsessed, The Perfect Stranger, When The Bough Breaks, & etc. Rosario Dawson really did not captivate me as I hoped she would. Her acting was very plain and ordinary to me. 

The only scene where she & Geoff Stults shined was the sex scene in the bathroom. This movie won't be making that much money opening weekend because the theater was not even half full. 

I was VERY and HIGHLY disappointed in the fact that the movie was a bust---the best and only this that was unforgettable was Tessa Connover played by Katehrine Heigl and that does NOT even trump the sex scene in the bathroom Julia had with David- it may have been steamy but Tessa was steamier solo when she was setting up Julia and she shined in the movie overall!