"Fate of the Furious" → Pure Perfection!

Film Synopsis: When a mysterious woman, Cipher (Charlize Theron) seduces Dom (Vin
Diesel) into the world of crime & a betrayal of those closest to him, the crew face trials that will test them as never seen before!

First, I will have to say that seeing this movie without Paul Walker was so dreadful, but I know that this one was made for him just because of the title. He was not referenced in the movie but once, but he is NOT forgotten! Moving on.......the one character that stood out and did one very outstanding job- that is the character of Cipher. 

Ever her name screams "horror, hacker, or something illegal." Charlize Theron played her role as the cyber-terrorist perfectly to a T! I was thoroughly & highly impressed at the way she dressed the part.....looked the part.....and ACTED in the part!

Dom & Lettty are the perfect match, but something more powerful than these 2 combined is what Cipher had to hold over Dom's head to make betray his team like he did. Watch the film to know (tidbit spoiler for you)! Letty is just as cunning and fast as Dom is. 

You can see the chemistry they both have on and off camera. These are definitely two characters I love seeing in each and every film! I love them!

Next, is Ramsey vs. Tej & Roman. These two guys fighting over Ramsey is just HYSTERICAL to me and not a competition at all. Ludacris & Tyrese provide the settle; yet mild humor in the films even if Ramsey wasn't in the picture, these two would still find something to disagree about this making the film much more greater and enjoyable to watch! Lol! 

Tej, to me, is the brains & Roman is the....yeah, let me get back to you on that one. Lol! Yep, he's a tough one to crack! For instance, the things Roman says are so petty and childish that it is funny and hard not to laugh at him!

The role of Ms. Shaw played by Helen Mirren was a great choice! Mirren is one hell of an actress! She was funny in her final scene she shared with Jason Statham, who plays one of her two sons. I will NOT say that she was funny like Roman. Roman is a funny retard type of stupid where Ms. Shaw was just being crazy like a typical every day mother.

Scott Eastwood was just as funny as Kurt Russell was. Casting Eastwood in the film I felt at times was necessary and then again wasn't. He really didn't have that big of a part, but he and Tyrese were great when they shared scenes together because of course Roman had to make fun of the 'Lil Nobody in training! Lol! A lot of laughs! What Hobbs does to 'Lil Nobody in this picture below will have you cracking...the...hell...up....TRUST ME!

There is a twist in the film and yes it does involve Cipher. That is a given and not a spoiler @ all- it's just very obvious! Haha!! In conclusion, everyone did a spectacular job! The movie was the bomb! The movie was explosive! It rocked! It soared! 

And as always, it lives up to the reputation that it holds for my last question is.....when should we expect at Fast 9? Let's kick it up a notch and keep on ridin' because there is something that we have to find......Hmmmm...(another hint)