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"Baywatch" → Surf's Up!

Film Synopsis: Two mismatched lifeguards, washed-up athlete, Matt Brody (Zac Efron) & gung-ho Mitch Buchannon (Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson) must put aside their personal differences to stop a criminal mastermind's drug trafficking operations on their beach!

Zac & The Rock have on-screen chemistry together in the film. There were more like father and son rather than lifeguard partners. 

Even though the movie was a comedy...during the first couple of scenes between the two of their characters, Brody was handed everything and never had to work for anything since he won his two gold metals and figured that people automatically had to give his respect & he din't have to work for anything and was basically a show off. 

Mitch was getting to him by calling him nicknames throughout the entire film to intimidate him to see how much he could take it; to see how tough he was. Something that goes on in life every.... single.... day! Mitch's nicknames were funny as hell. 

"Alien: Covenant" → A Gory Mess!

Film Synopsis: Bound for a remote planet on the far side of the galaxy, the crew of the colony ship Covenant, which includes Walter (Michael Fassbender), an android similar to David (a survivor of the doomed Prometheus expedition), find what they believe to be an uncharted paradise. It soon reveals itself to be a dark & dangerous world inhabited by the original David and monstrous creatures that begin to hunt them down! 

This goes beyond the scope of my opinion! I like horror, suspense, and gruesome imagery in movies just as much as the next person, but this was just- overboard! 

Truthfully, I was totally freaked out by two things: one being that there were slight gay moments in the film that I did not seeing coming and the second is the fact that the imagery was very intense and too too gruesome!

I mean two men kissing, to men married, etc. I was like is this the new age type of Alien genre? Lol! Don't get me wrong. I loved the movie- it had all the successful elements…

"Everything, Everything" → It's Everything!

Film Synopsis: When Olly (Nick Robsinson) meets his new neighbor Maddy (Amandla Stenberg), he begins to develop feelings for her. He is, however, only able to interact with her via text messaging. When he removes her from her home, she repeatedly faints from SCID, which happens every time she leaves her home putting them both in an intense & shocking relationship situation.

This was such an intense film for me and the entire audience to watch- speaking candidly. Truthfully, there were more young teenage kids in the theater moaning, drooling, and shocking in fear over the kissing/making out, & the shocking scenes where Maddy left the house scenes!

I will have to admit, so was I, but not as loud and dramatic as them, but they were kids- and excited so I cannot fault them for that. To say that this was a film centered around two young actors, it has a HUGE effect on me! 

I can't decipher whether or not its the kids acting in the movie that was profound and how they portrayed the…

"Snatched" → Holds You With A Grip!

Film Synopsis: A mother (Goldie Hawn) and daughter (Amy Schumer) become part of an unexpected adventure when a vacation goes awry.

Towards the end of the film, you realize that this is a movie meant to be seen ONLY on Mother's Day- honestly! Hawn & Schumer really have that in-depth on-screen mother/daughter magic! 

It was wonderful to see! The introduction of the movie when it first came thought one thing was going on when in actuality- it was not what you thought, and that was totally an Amy Schumer move! Lol! 

I laughed out loud at almost every scene. The movie was hilarious!!! This was such a great comeback for Goldie Hawn! I was not expecting this film to be this good; but it was! I was glad that I saw it! Very glad! With the end of the film nearing, you could clearly witness the "mother's day" aspect of the film with the two main characters. 

This may have been a comedy movie, but in all movies no matter the genre- there is always going to be that "…

"King Arthur: Legend of the Sword" → Light Sword Slashes!

Film Synopsis: Robbed of his birthright, Arthur (Charlie Hunnam) comes up the hard wayin the back alleys of the city. But once he pulls the sword from the stone, he is forced to acknowledge his true legacy- whether he likes it or not.

If I had to compare this film to Matt Damon's The Great Wall, I will simply say that this one was so much better! I would give it acclaim & a standing ovation because in Damon's film, I was falling asleep; it was dull and listless; and I walked out during the film because I was in pure agony in waiting for it to be over!

The film had the medieval feel to it- absolutely! I could feel it! I loved that aspect! The film was rather dark in color; it could have been because of the theater or in the filming, but that was a distraction, Sure the movie's concept had a dark feel to it which was fine, but I am referring to the actual presentation on the actual movie screen.

Jude Law played a very immaculate role in the film. He displayed his ruthlessne…

"Haunted Tours" TV Show Starring Paranormal Investigator Stephen Erkintalo...Coming October 2017 on Netflix, Hulu, & Amazon Prime

My friend will be starring in a TV Show in October of this year because he loves the paranormal so visit this link to see him and much more!

Haunted Tours With Stephen Erkintalo

"Guardians of the Galaxy: Vol. 2" → Stays The Course!

Film Synopsis: Set 2-3 months after the first film, the Guardians of the Galaxy travel throughout the cosmos & struggle to keep their new-found family together while helping Peter Quill (Chris Pratt) learn more about his true parentage. 

Never would I have ever in my life think that I would have loved and laughed this movie as much as I did! In fact, I didn't even see Volume 1 until a few weeks ago and I loved that film, so seeing this one would only be right!
I have no idea where to start. I want to say certain characters stood out to me, but I WOULD BE LYING! Every Guardian of the Galaxy was highly enjoyable & entertaining to me. 

I never wanted the movie to end- seriously! I was in awe at how much I loved it and I love Marvel movies, but I never even considered giving the first of this one a glance- really.

Quill: Chris Pratt really is a my eyes- in my very solid & candid opinion! The way he brings humor in every movie he does is just astounding! I love …