"Baywatch" → Surf's Up!

Film Synopsis: Two mismatched lifeguards, washed-up athlete, Matt Brody (Zac Efron) & gung-ho Mitch Buchannon (Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson) must put aside their personal differences to stop a criminal mastermind's drug trafficking operations on their beach!

Zac & The Rock have on-screen chemistry together in the film. There were more like father and son rather than lifeguard partners. 

Even though the movie was a comedy...during the first couple of scenes between the two of their characters, Brody was handed everything and never had to work for anything since he won his two gold metals and figured that people automatically had to give his respect & he din't have to work for anything and was basically a show off. 

Mitch was getting to him by calling him nicknames throughout the entire film to intimidate him to see how much he could take it; to see how tough he was. Something that goes on in life every.... single.... day! Mitch's nicknames were funny as hell. 

I will not lie! He even called him High School Musical! HaHa! That was the tough and REALISTIC lesson that Brody needed to learn: in order to work at Baywatch, he needed to learn to be apart of something bigger than a team: a family. 

The character of Ronnie was off the chain certifiable hilarious as can be! What "wood" he got stuck into in the beginning of the film when he saw CJ was too funny. 

I was crying so hard that my eyes were bloodshot red! All the actors did a great job and the cameos appearances by Lee and Hasselhoff were like the good old days! Lol! The Rock was just funny in the film from beginning to end- not going to lie!

No matter how many bad reviews this film received or will receive, I am glad a sequel is in the works and I will be cruising in the waves waiting to see it! 

To say the truth, Zac Efron really showed off his body in this movie, he was like Mimi Rock! Lol! Summer & Matt finally got what they wanted in the end, while Matt looked at her boobs she looked at something on him to even the score! Hehe...