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Film Synopsis: When Olly (Nick Robsinson) meets his new neighbor Maddy (Amandla Stenberg), he begins to develop feelings for her. He is, however, only able to interact with her via text messaging. When he removes her from her home, she repeatedly faints from SCID, which happens every time she leaves her home putting them both in an intense & shocking relationship situation.

This was such an intense film for me and the entire audience to watch- speaking candidly. Truthfully, there were more young teenage kids in the theater moaning, drooling, and shocking in fear over the kissing/making out, & the shocking scenes where Maddy left the house scenes!

I will have to admit, so was I, but not as loud and dramatic as them, but they were kids- and excited so I cannot fault them for that. To say that this was a film centered around two young actors, it has a HUGE effect on me! 

I can't decipher whether or not its the kids acting in the movie that was profound and how they portrayed the story line or if the movie as a whole was good because it was a love story about two young children and not two adults as most romantic movies are made. 

Either way the movie was entangled with so many emotions: love, trust, lies, deceit, betrayal, deception and so much more! Do not think that simply because this movie dealt with two people who fell in love that the film is perfect with small complications. 

There was one huge and major twist and complication perpetuated by someone in the film. Can you guess by whom? In short, the film was very touching because Maddy had to take control of her life and live and not stay in the house dying. She had been dying for years being restrained inside. You can't blame the girl for wanting to die- happy and living. 

No one should take that away from someone if they truly love the; not even the parents. I can see every side/perspective and all points of views, but its a double-edge sword to it. 

There is emotions flying all over because of the situation with Maddy in the film and you will see that as you engross yourself deeper and deeper in to the film.