"King Arthur: Legend of the Sword" → Light Sword Slashes!

Film Synopsis: Robbed of his birthright, Arthur (Charlie Hunnam) comes up the hard way in the back alleys of the city. But once he pulls the sword from the stone, he is forced to acknowledge his true legacy- whether he likes it or not.

If I had to compare this film to Matt Damon's The Great Wall, I will simply say that this one was so much better! I would give it acclaim & a standing ovation because in Damon's film, I was falling asleep; it was dull and listless; and I walked out during the film because I was in pure agony in waiting for it to be over!

The film had the medieval feel to it- absolutely! I could feel it! I loved that aspect! The film was rather dark in color; it could have been because of the theater or in the filming, but that was a distraction, Sure the movie's concept had a dark feel to it which was fine, but I am referring to the actual presentation on the actual movie screen.

Jude Law played a very immaculate role in the film. He displayed his ruthlessness, his villainous side. He was full of himself and he stooped to any possible means necessary in order to keep the crown which was not rightfully his! He did things and lost his Soul all to keep power because he was thirsty for it.

The movie teaches the lesson of what I have just described in the above paragraph. People are so hungry for payback and vengeance all because they may be jealous of something or some one only because of materialistic things that they have and will kill (literally or not) to have out out of spite and pure jealousy.

King Arthur played by Hunnam is a prime example of how timid little boys become men and it is always through one way- by fighting. Fighting is in everyone's mind with the fists. Fighting does not make you a man. Being a man means so much more than using your fists, but the world has that projected in society now that it is just....sketched into people's brains. 

Arthur had to face the truth about his past in order to movie forward to his future. Regardless of what he wanted, he NEEDED to do what he was born to do. He had to have the faith and courage in order to do it and he did! Hail to King Arthur!

True, you need to know how to defend yourself in the event that a situation arises & to be raised and growing up in the streets, you have the street smarts but you need common sense at all. Fighting can solve problems, but it can create bigger ones also. 

You just have to know how to differentiate between the two. That is my take on it. In conclusion, the movie may have been about a legend of a sword and all that we have read in books, but know that there is realism in the real world today about the film. It is about power, betrayal, faith, jealousy, and so much more.