"Snatched" → Holds You With A Grip!

Film Synopsis: A mother (Goldie Hawn) and daughter (Amy Schumer) become part of an unexpected adventure when a vacation goes awry.

Towards the end of the film, you realize that this is a movie meant to be seen ONLY on Mother's Day- honestly! Hawn & Schumer really have that in-depth on-screen mother/daughter magic! 

It was wonderful to see! The introduction of the movie when it first came on...you thought one thing was going on when in actuality- it was not what you thought, and that was totally an Amy Schumer move! Lol! 

I laughed out loud at almost every scene. The movie was hilarious!!! This was such a great comeback for Goldie Hawn! I was not expecting this film to be this good; but it was! I was glad that I saw it! Very glad! With the end of the film nearing, you could clearly witness the "mother's day" aspect of the film with the two main characters. 

This may have been a comedy movie, but in all movies no matter the genre- there is always going to be that "awwww" and real portion to it. A moment that will be special to make the audiences reflect on that same topic that the characters are exhibiting on screen to our very own personal lives. 

Hawn & Schumer deliver that. The funniest scene to me was when they both were on Facebook posting about Emily's breakup. For the first 30-35 minutes of the film, Amy's character of Emily was acting so childish and stupid that it was funny. 

Schumer is a funny young woman and actress, but in the film the humor turns to more adult humor and shies away from the immature kiddy type of humor she portrays when the film first begins. The actor who portrays Emily's brother was funny as can be and him calling out "Maw-Maw" was like a 60 year old kid! Too kicks! He did a great job too!

In closing, this is a great film to snatch up to see! You will not be disappointed! I guarantee you that or I'll send you on an adventure with some chicken wings and I'll keep 'em coming!