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Film Synopsis: This film focuses on the life & career of Tupac Shakur (played by Demetrius Tripp, Jr.) all the way to the fatal shooting in Las Vegas, Nevada in 1996.

I have gotten past the fact that Shipp is a dead ringer for the rap-star icon and legend Tupac. I want to address something first before I get into my rating of the film. 

When movie critics bash a film, they bash it hard, but when it is a African American biographical film, they go even harder.

I have not heard any good or somewhat decent review of this movie from a established movie critic and I feel that is totally cruel, unjust, and unfair to say the least. 

The actress Jada Pinkett-Smith spoke out against the part of Kat Graham playing her as Jada in the film saying certain things were not done or said between her and Tupac.

That is allowed I feel, the actress was not bashing the film, she was not badgering the actress who portrayed her. She just wanted to clear the air and set the record straight on what happened. 

Happy Birthday Tupac! #TupacLives #AllEyezOnMe

If these real-life musicians worked and had interactions with Tupac, they have a right to tell the entire world and anyone what did or did not happen because they were they. They KNOW the facts, the truth. 

Truth: what Tupac was known for. Telling the truth & relaying it in a positive way through his songs. Now onto my review of the film....I felt that the film was brilliantly put together and the actress who portrayed Pac's mother was so deep and intense. I could feel  her unconditional love for her son and her daughter as well. 

Sure she had a rough patch but she prevailed and moved forward! Tupac was always and consistently saying the same thing in the film: "that's not how my mother raised me" if something was bad and the opposite of that when something was good. Tupac was not vile, but he was a hot head and let his emotions get the best of him. 

Shooting people because you do not like their treatment of others while you don't have all the facts is not a way to react nor to send a message. There were people in his life that helped him out to guide him to a better path but some times he was blinded by materialistic things being fortune, better opportunities NOT being aware of what the costs of those opportunities would be & such. 

It was such a tragedy that he died so young...at the age of 25. His life was just starting. To have a murder like his and so many others go unsolved and go cold because there are no eyewitnesses, no facts, no proof of anything, just all hearsay is just unspeakable! 

His mother died in 2016 and she never really got or seen any justice for her sons brutal murder. That is hard for ANY parent to have to bear and live and die with. 

At least I can say one thing.... Tupac Amaru Shakur set out to accomplish what he always wanted, all eyes on him because by the time he reached 25, he was an icon and everyone knew of him, his style his music, and his way of life....