"It Comes At Night" → Nothing Comes Day or Night!

Film Synopsis: Secure within a desolate home as an unnatural threat terrorizes the world, the tenuous domestic order established by a man (Joel Edgerton) with his wife (Carmen Ejogo) & son are put to the ultimate test with the arrival of a desperate young family seeking refuge.

I can see how a movie as dumb & stupid like this is getting rave reviews. I have said it once, twice, & thrice and more times than I can remember.

Movies that are absolutely stupid & make no sense whatsoever and Disney films will always be a box office smash unless it is going up against something monstrous like Wonder Woman. 

That is what this film is- plot-less, clueless, empty, black, nothing. It was never revealed to the audience what the evil was, what was it, who caused it, how it kills, who/how/what it is, etc. It was like the killer or the "it" as the film so calls it even was- Was it human? 

Was it the wind? An animal? What? Tell me some thing? These were the questions burning inside my head as the movie TRIED to progress forward! Even though the two lead actors Ejogo & Edgerton are very talented, they made a stupid movie signing onto this film! 

Do not be fooled by the darkness and deeply dimmed house to think that is setting the tone for anything horrifying in the film. Yes, when the critics say that this is a move that keeps you on the edge of your seat...they are not lying- it does: its just that NOTHING NOTHING NOTHING happens! 

You stay in that seat WAITING AND WAITING AND WAITING for something that WILL NEVER EVER COME! I hate to disappoint you all who are reading this- but it is a fact! 

Do NOT movie hop to this film; do not rent it; MOST DEFINITELY do not purchase it; do NOT watch it online; do NOT go see it at a matinee; do NOT pay to see it in theaters. This is 1 hr. and 31 mins. of you life that you will NEVER be able to get back!

I think I have said it all! All horror films may not be good, but they make sense and you can tolerate them. This film? Hell to the no!