"Rough Night" → Very Average Night

Film Synopsis: A group of friends (Scarlett Johansson, Zoe Kravitz, Kate McKinnon, Jillian Bell, & Ilana Glazer) are horrified when the male stripper (Ryan Cooper) they hired for a wild bachelorette party in Miami winds up dead!

The film was very entertaining but was not as raunchy and explicit as the trailer led me to believe. No breasts or penises were shown not even for a second. 

Jillian Bell makes up for not seeing those genitals in her massive collection of references to them and her "dick-related" theme for Jess's party filled weekend. Lol!

I knew and felt something was off when the stripper arrives- I just felt it and you will be too if you see the film. In the first scene with Peter & Jess- he was so funny when Jess told him that she had to work so he told her he was gonna go....Lol! 

I will keep you in suspense. The bachelor party that he had was chessboard funny! The entire movie kept me entertained! 

But of course every film has a point and the main point of this film was that even though Jess and her best friend, Alice lived apart but never grew apart- Jess grew up and matured while Alice in her aka Jess's eyes remained the same. 

It only takes a real BFF to tell you that you need to change certain aspects in your life. When someone comes to that realization about themselves and want to change for the better; that is 100% awesome like Alice was!

You can still act childish SOMETIMES, but they key is not ALL THE TIME and that was the lesson she had to learn about herself. 

These 5 girls really came together in a humorous way to realize how much they love and mean to each other. And the character of Blair was like a midget adult.

It was weird seeing her walk around like she was better than everyone else and like a 40 year old mother with two kids running a successful business of her very own. HaHa!

That was how I portrayed her only I don't know how wold she was and in the film she only had one son. Finding good friends are rare to find these days- sometimes you either have to accept them for who they are or help them be the person THEY WANT to choose to be and not what you want them to be. There is a difference. 

In conclusion, the film was very good, entertaining, sexually explicit, & most importantly- it makes you wanna get a hard on for more of Lea, Blair, & Pietro (hint hint)! Lol!