"The Mummy" → Closed & Concealed Crypt

Film Synopsis: An ancient princess (Sofia Boutella) is awakened from her crypt beneath the desert, bringing with her malevolence grown over millennia, & terrors that defy human comprehension.

All of the imagery for the film were frightening & just so- alluring to the eye that it would make you want to catch this movie and check it out, but I was skeptical at first because I thought that millions of others. 

Why re-make especially with Tom Cruise a Brenden Fraser classic if he originated the role? The film was very comical to say the least. 

Every part that Jake Johnson was in- he was funny. Johnson is just a funny actor. Tom Cruise was even funny in almost every part of the film up until the end. This movie was okay. I will not lie & said it was average because I would be, in fact- lying! 

I won't go as far and say that it should not have been made, but it is damn near close. I saw no logic in it at all. It was so, so. This is a film where you can fall asleep on it. A movie to watch online or to rent. It was more of a zombie gone sexually aroused bad film.

The Mummy played by Sofia was all over Tom Cruise's character like she was human as if she looked gorgeous when in fact she looked like a demon or something. That was peculiar. Really over the top. The movie was just- whew! If your instincts tell you to see it, do it. 

But I do not think that this movie will bring in the movie it put out to make. Watching this was like watching Bride of Chucky where it stopped being scary at Child's Play 2....this movie should have stopped once Fraser stopped making his Mummy movies. 

Granted, I loved the beginning of the film, that told the history of Ahmanet. I like movies where the film first comes on and it sets the tone for the film & then the title appears. 

That is how this one was done. Besides that. This film should have stayed locked up and buried in its crypt. Sorry guys!


Greg Jensen said…
Can't agree more. Movie was lame