"Atomic Blonde" → 007 Fantasitc Femme Fetale!

Film Synopsis: An undercover MI6 agent (Charlize Theron) is sent to Berlin during the Cold War to investigate the murder of a fellow agent & recover a missing list of double agents.... 

Quite the film! This movie should have been called the "Explosive Blonde" because Theron was killer dynamite and explosive in the film! I am still reeling at the terrific job that she did in the film! 

Theron is such a wonderful actress, in my candid opinion! To see her play a role as equivalent to James bond was very- enlightening. 

I say that because Hollywood has projected the image that men are the tough kick-ass people who do the macho killing and tracking "the bad guys"down & taking what is theirs away from them. You do not see films like this too often, if ever. 

Sofia & Charlize had chemistry and I am not referring to their sex scenes, I am referring to the magic that generated off of them on camera. I could see it and feel their bond and it was HIGHLY believable. 

They really got into their respective roles and the sex scenes only reassured the audience of their connection that they had to bond to do those scenes together. 

McAvoy was more on the comedic side than the action side in the film. He was the "brains" of the whole operation, and there are so many twists in the film that you will not see coming that it is insanity! 

Pure and utter insanity! In conclusion, the film was not raunchy- it was an action film with a strong female lead and I think more films like this should be made where a female should be cast as the lead and taking charge and not relying on the men to rescue them- let's flip it and have it the other way around; because in the end- they are all working for ONE common goal: to save the innocent and protect what needs protecting.

It doesn't matter if its a male saving the day or a female....but more female lead action films such as this one needs to be made to keep the balance! :)