"Kidnap" → A Riveting Retrieval

Film Synopsis: A mother (Halle Berry) will stop at nothing to recover her kidnapped son.

This was such a heart-pounding, on the edge of your seat thrilling and definite bone-chilling movie! Halle Berry tapped into what every mother would do if not go further if her child was abducted. 

I really felt scared for her character & the kid who played her son. This film was so real-Halle and Sage (mother & son) really made me feel as if I was watching them in the present day trying to find their way back to one another.

I had the opportunity to see the film a month early in New Orleans where I live and she had a live question & answer period and was doing a rapid meet and greet before we got a chance to see the film. 

The Live Q & A Period....

She was very sweet and humble to us all- I must say; that is Halle- a total sweetheart!! But in the film- she is a lethal mother 'shut ur mouth! Lol!

I know that this film has been seen most likely on the fire stick or online in some form or fashion- but if you have not seen it yet, I would hold off until August because it is such a remarkably profound movie that exhibits the love..... 

....The very strong UNCONDITIONAL love that a mother has for her child and who will literally NEVER stop doing what she has to do in order to recover her treasure! 

The film was beautifully directed and had a cast that did a phenomenal job! I loved how the movie started and I loved the opening sequence as well. It gave the right vibe for the title of the film. Every second was great. The action. The chase. The thrill of it all. Everything was perfect! Just perfect! I am proud of the film, but most importantly- I respect the hell out of it as I do Halle Berry!


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