"The Dark Tower" → The "Pure" White Outweighs The "Evil" Black

Film Synopsis: The Gunslinger, (Idris Elba) Roland Deschain roams an old West-like landscape where "the world has moved on" in pursuit of the Man in Black (Matthew McConaughey). Also searching for the fabled Dark Tower, in the hopes that reaching it will preserve his dying world.

The message that this film portrays is really very simple to me. It was all about what the world is full of: the good versus the evil. This was a film, that I MUST admit, I was very hesitant about seeing even though it had two well-known actors in it. 

I was still skeptical even when the film began, but after 5 minutes in, I was totally drawn in and never wanted it to end. I have to praise McConaughey's stellar performance. He played a very cool and collective dark force. He never let his anger or emotions showed when he was dissatisfied with something or someone. 

That is what was impressive about him portraying sch a evil character. He was a natural! No joke! A natural born evil leader. He did it so fiercely and freely. It was unbelievable. Lol! I can go on and on about only that! 

Elba played his role good- but what was funny about him was that once he got to Earth, he would still talk as if he was in his time and that brought the slice of humor to the film, overall. I had the opportunity to see the film in the Dolby theater where the moving audio was amazing with the blasts and explosive scenes from the film. 

Jake was a gifted kid who acted like a grown adult and he needed to in order to get people to understand where he was coming from and what he was enduring. The movie ended the way that I feel it should have. 

It was very proper and rather accurate I must say. In closing- there are always choice that one will have to make whether be good or bad- you have to remain positive and very strong not to fall prey to the evils in this world because they can fool you and be anyone, any shape, any size, anything. 

Always be alert and aware- very aware of your surroundings as Roland was and his motto his father taught him because it rings true.