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"Edge of Darkness" (2010)- Review

This was the first movie of the new year and I should have seen it when the price was $5 instead of $10. The only good parts were the gory parts! They only had one good actor: Mel Gibson! This movie was lacking in action and there should have been more better actors; well-known ones in this had the potential to be good, but I think Avatar is going to beat this one, too! Damn!

"Legion" (2010)- Review

In short, this movie never should have hit theatres, it was bum and I regret seeing it! I never had any real intentions of seeing it...I went and saw it with a friend. She even agreed with me. Now why do previews look better than the actual film itself? I have no clue. Maybe that is the whole idea! But it definitely sucks BIG TIME getting mislead into thinking a movie will be a hit, but in the end, it turns out to be a bus and we cannot get our money refunded because we stayed for the entire flop!