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"Hot Tub Time Machine" (2010)- Review

It was a funny film....but it was not the kind of drop out loud comedy movie that I was picturing! It was a good movie; very plain and average. It was packed in the theater, but I would not want to buy this movie on DVD....seeing it once would be okay for me! Had some really funny parts where I had to laugh-others, not so good!

"Chloe" (2010)- Review

I love movies that are intense and are filled with a lot of cheating and seductiveness! This movie had all these characteristics, but lacked in developing them more to make them powerful! This movie did, in fact, fool me because I was not ready for the ending...I kinda sensed that what happen would happen, but I should have trusted my instincts....

"The Bounty Hunter" (2010)- Review

This was a funny movie...not laugh out loud funny, but funny was really plain and very original...I liked it though and I did not fall asleep and that is always a great thing!

"Repo Men" (2010)- Review

Great movie! Unbelievable! There was a twist! It was action packed..I mean it had a few slightly gory parts, but it had just the right type of action and it was not overzealous either. It was perfect! This is definitely a movie that EVERYONE needs to go out to the theaters and see! I am going to be buying this when it comes out on DVD! Jude Law and Forest Whitaker did a sensational job together! I hope in the future, they do not need to run a credit check for organs because nowadays they run credit for every damn thing ya know what I'm saying? Something to ponder about, eh?

"Our Family Wedding" (2010)- Review

This was a sweet romance movie! A funny romance film! I really enjoyed it, given it had some weak parts, overall it was good and I was laughing hysterically...there were a lot of Spanish speaking parts that I did NOT understand and when the Spanish scenes were happening, the cast must have been saying funny stuff because all the Spanish people in the audience were LOL! HaHa! It was too funny! All in all, I liked it, but it could have been a little but more better!! Maybe next time! Lol

"Brooklyn's Finest" (2010)- Review

This was a really good movie! I loved every second of it and wanting it to end! It had everything in it: Suspense. Thrills. Some predictable parts. Sex scenes. Mystery. Partly gory murdering scenes....but most of all, no matter which character died in this film, I felt it coming within seconds of it happening. It was like I was getting premonitions or something! This was a true crime/gangsta film! I loved it from start to finish!