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"Dinner for Schmucks" (2010)- Review

This movie was funny as not get me wrong! I was laughing from start to finish, and some parts I was laughing say that this movie had two all-star funny actors, it was not the type of laughter fall out of my seat comedy that I was expecting. I was sad to watch this movie and not laugh really hard at everything! Steve did a wonderful job and most of my laughing was at his acting in the film! Paul Rudd did a great job too, but mild humor, not MAJOR humor. All in all-it was a damn funny movie, but it could have been a little but more funnier!

"Charlie St. Cloud" (2010)- Review

This was a very plain and original film, I am hoping that this movie does NOT come in first opening weekend....any movie better beat this one. That was not a depressing type movie; it was more of a love story in a twisted kind of a way. It ended just as I predicted....if it would have ended differently, I truly would have been appalled! Kim Basinger was only in the movie for a couple minutes and she was never seen again!!! That was totally stupid I felt! Also, it can teach u never to take life for granted and to get out there and continue living! Take a chance! There are some really great lessons that one could adapt from this film, but overall-it was just average! The beginning was great, I mean, the death of Charlie's brother was not great, but that had to be the CLIMAX of the storyline-because the rest of the movie was just plain and did not have the umph that I was anticipating!!!

"Salt" (2010)- Review

Angelina has some big, juicy, sexy lips in this movie as she does in all of her films! At first, this film was slow getting to the good parts, but eventually-it happened, the high speed car chases, and a twist that I did not see coming! Great! When she dies her hair black, it made her look exceptional! She was looking hot with that black hair...she should make it her regular color! I mean, this movie was great! I loved it! It had action, it had some gory killing parts-but all in all it was not as spectacular as I planned on it being-but I was not disappointed @ all! Good job Angelina!

"Inception" (2010)- Review

"Inception" has got to be the best three hour movies of 2010 thus far! It surpassed my expectations. You have really got to sit in the theater and focus all ur attention on this here movie! Do not turn away or go to take a piss! You will miss something crucial and u will be lost! I thought that Shutter Island threw me for a loop but this movie was more dynamic than anything I have ever seen, the last hour of the movie to me was like The Matrix combined with Spider Man! Leo did an outstanding job! Definitely a must see! This movie has got to be at the top Box Office charts this weekend! It had full blast action and drama! It really makes people think and want to figure it out more and more! All psychology professors/grad students/majors and minors need to see this movie! Seriously!!

"The Sorcerer's Apprentice" (2010)- Review

Exceptional! Wonderful! Spectacular! I was getting mixed reviews about this movie and was seriously considering NOT seeing it, but I really enjoyed it! I really think that this movie would have been greater in 3D. I really think that the movie industry passes up golden opportunities to make movies like this in 3D. All in all, this was a great film and I enjoyed all the fighting scenes/imagery. Cage really did a good job with the action! Well done!

"The Last Airbender" 3D (2010)- Review

I, initially did NOT want 2 c this movie, but then when I started to see all the visual/special effects in the previews with the air, water, fire, and wind---I thought that it would look pretty awesome in 3D format. You know, I totally did not see the point in the film even being presented in any form (whether it b 2 or 3D). That is why I titled this the "last" of the Last Airbender. From the way that it ended, It will be a sequel. I was reading all the critics reviews and I was getting mixed signals from it. I mean, for the first 15 minutes of the movie they had some 3D effects, but after that....NOTHING!!! I really think that 3D formatting is just a way to further rip people off and charge the additional $3-4 dollars, but I am always taking the risk to still see the movie-it just seems like more and more each movie-I will not see anything 3D, then when a movie comes out that I want to see in 3D, I am not going to want to see it because of all the other letdowns from 3D fil…