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"Drive Angry" 3D (2011)- Review

I really had pre-conceived notions that this movie would not be good because of how they only showed one 3D effect in the previews and that it was a low-budget film. I was so wrong on both counts. This movie HAD a ton of 3D effects throughout the entire film. I was so glad for that. When the movie first started-there was 3D effects and I stopped myself from getting happy because most 3D films-the effects do not last and when you take the glasses off, the movie is in 2D. It had tons of violence, killing, explosions, action, and riots. There was even a part when Cage was killing people in slow motion while screwing an old lady! That was hilarious! Amber Heard was a force not to be reckoned with in this movie—she was kicking butt & cursing non-stop. I really liked this movie from beginning 2 end. All of the killing was like Saw in 3D. They had some gruesome killing in this film….whew! Go see it….u will love it! I know I did!

"Unknown" (2011)- Review

This movie had a good & strong plot-the only problem was that it was not portrayed to its full potential. I felt like I was watching a cheaply made movie that just happened to be good. Neeson playing a guy that can whup some ass is awesome and Jones was not a convincing enough actress if she was supposed to portray a damn lethal assassin. I'm just saying. I felt like this movie was a combination of Inception, the Bourne movies, the Devil's Advocate, & Taken. Each of these four movies, a certain element that was in them was in this film and if you really ponder on it while you watch it, you will see why I used these films to demonstrate my point. I enjoyed the movie, but I felt that it could have been a little bit stronger to be rated 5 stars in my rating. The action scenes and the music that was playing in the background really attracted me! I love high speed car chases and brutal fighting. It is what makes a movie interesting and to stop it from being dull and boring!…

"I Am Number Four" (2011)- Review

This movie was explosive! Simply amazing! This is one movie that I definitely thought would have been in 3D because of all the Science Fiction action parts throughout the entire film. It was so loud in the theater, the fighting, the bright colors/lights from the powers that Alex Pettyfer had was phenomenal! I was so disappointed that it was NOT in 3D. It should have been. There was never a dull moment in the film. I never wanted the movie to end. They should make a sequel because of how it ended, truly! This was kinda a love/teenage/sci-fi movie. All three aspects were engrossed in this film & I will be getting this on DVD when it is released! Count on it!

"Big Momma's: Like Father, Like Son" (2011)- Review

This Big Momma's House movie was NOT all that I thought it to be. I did not even see this preview a lot before its but, so that alerted me that it may not get high ratings. I thought that this movie was partly funny because of how Martin Lawrence was acting as Big Momma. Every scene he was in was extremely funny. Brandon Jackson was funny, in CERTAIN scenes, but not everyone of them. It seems as though when they were acting like females, they had the attention and laughter from the audience; but acting as males, they were lame and did not have that spark. I seriously think that this movie never should have been made. I think that they should have stopped at Part II. I mean, the original Trent and Sherry were not in this movie. What is up with that? Besides Martin and other big names was in the film...that was a huge red flag right there! It was not a terrible movie, but it was not great as the first two....

"Just Go With It" (2011)- Review

This movie was all about Adam Sandler in two perspectives: one was that he was the main character in the movie and two, the jokes that he made in the movie was hilarious. I sincerely felt like Jennifer Aniston was just laughing at his jokes in the movie because she was getting paid to and two, dammit—they really were funny as hell. The coconut scene with Nicole Kidman & Jennifer Aniston was funny. I predicted the ending because I read that there was a shocking twist and in a predictable romantic comedy movie such as this one, it was easy for me to see what the end result was going to be after seeing certain scenes and piecing it together. The kids were funny in this movie, truly gifted. I do not know why, lately, Jennifer Aniston movies are flops, but if this movie makes it #1 or in the Top 5…it is because of Adam Sandler. Given, Aniston did make a few clever remarks and did a few minimal things to make me laugh, Adam outdid her. Sorry Jen! This was a movie to make you laugh and I…

"The Roommate" (2011)- Review

This was a movie that was targeted more towards the teenage genre. The killing and threatening tactics in this film was mildly suggestive, I mean if this movie had been rated R an was showing more extensive and bloody images (some of the scenes were gross 2 me-but I like gory), it would have gotten a better rating, but since it was not in all fairness, I have to rate it average. I loved the ending part….the fighting scene with Sara and her psycho roommate!!! That girl was nuts! I LOVED how the audience in the theater was talking and whispering aloud things like, “look @ this crazy girl” or ”this hoe up and went psycho” or “she been off that medication for a while baby!” I mean, it exacerbate my laughing! Seriously! Lol. I say that this film was a re-make of Alicia Silverstone’s, “The Crush.” I say that simply because, Sara’s roommate was schizophrenic & controlling and just plain psychotic as can be as Silverstone was. It always amazes @ how mentally retarded a person can be or s…