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"Fast 5" (2011)- Review

I’ve always been a huge Fast & Furious fan! But this movie was great…it seems like the latest film is always better than the previous one. This movie picked up right where the last one ended. Ludacris and Tyrese had some funny parts in the movie and that is what made it even greater! Having an action-themed/packed film with a little humor makes a movie in my opinion. Vin & Paul Walker always make jokes about who is the better driver and I laugh at them. The fighting scene between The Rock and Vin Diesel was awesome. Having those two go up against each other is just not right. The Rock was too huge and he could have whipped Vin! Lol! Some parts of the movie was ‘fake’ & I could see that. The special effects made it possible for me to recognize it! The scene with the safe was tight and how it ended everyone in the theater was clapping! All in all, it was an explosive movie! It was great from beginning to end!

"Madea's Big Happy Family" (2011)- Review

In all honesty, I think that Tyler did not put his all into this movie. It was good-but not his greatest work. Madea was not in the movie that much, but the sections that she was-I laughed my butt off! And Bam was pretty funny in the movie as well…I laughed at almost everything she said and did in the movie! Joe was funny as usual and the ending was a huge funny shocker! Unbelievable! I was really looking forward to laughing the entire movie, but I did not & was very disappointed. As a whole, the movie was good-NOT GREAT as I said earlier. Tyler Perry is a great actor as Madea, but when he plays himself, he just does not have that spark and this was like an ordinary plain low-budget movie and it hurts me to rate it a very high rating and I would be definitely shocked if it came in the Weekend Box Office at #1! If it does, I am happy for him, but if not-movie critics share my opinions about the film. I just cannot get over the fact that this movie was so plain and had no umph to it…

"Scream 4" (2011)- Review

I’ve always heard of the Scream movies & I have always thought that they were supposed to be these really intense and gruesome killings, but in fact I can now see why Scary Movies 1-3 made fun of Scream. They both go in hand in hand, actually. Anyways-staying on the subject; I was really looking forward to this movie because it has been years since they made a new one and the photography of the movie was good and the acting was good. It was really great. I loved Neve Campbell in this movie, but what I cannot understand is how the Ghostface Killer always wants to kill her when it is a damn different killer in every film! Lol…does the killers exchange notes between filming the movies? Lol. There were 1 or 2 parts that made me jump because something happened very unexpectedly. The very beginning of the movie was funny (if u see it u will know why); the middle was great and not a dull moment and the scene with Anthony Anderson where he was talking about Bruce Willis is priceless! He g…

"Arthur" (2011)- Review

I thought that Russell Brand did an OUTSTANDING job portraying Arthur. He was witty, funny, charismatic, & just a plain super-spoiled rich kid and I hope that there are not people who behave like that in the real world today! Lol! The Grand Central Terminal scene was awesome to me; the scene where he went looking for a job was funny and the Bridal Shower scene with Jennifer Garner was funny as he was singing and rhyming at the same time. Other than that, the other parts of the movie, I chuckled a bit and did not laugh hysterically. The scene with Greta & Russell when they were pretend talking at Grand Central Terminal made me NYC sick because I was walking down that same path when I was in NY 3 years ago and it seemed like yesterday. Jennifer Garner was not in the movie a lot, but the parts that she was in-she played her character average. There were certain parts in the movie where I was really waiting for Arthur to do something so mature and grown up, but it never happened. …

"Source Code" (2011)- Review

This movie was the bomb! Literally! I have not been waiting months to see this movie because I had just heard about it about a month or two ago, but man was it AWESOME! Jake and Michelle worked so well together in “the Source Code.” The beginning of the film was great: the photography, the background music, and the opening credits were great. The way that they captured the entire Chicago hot spots & where the bus transports itself was an amazing tie in. The end got to be a little bit sentimental to me; at least in my eyes. This movie was exactly like the movie, “Vantage Point” but with a few exceptions such as it did NOT suck, it was action packed and NOT boring and no matter how many times the same scene replayed…between each one of those times—there were parts that kept me interested and it wasn’t like “Vantage Point!” Words to describe this movie and what was in it are: Action. Explosive. Exciting. Lastly, science fiction/psychological towards the middle of the film….it took me…