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"The Hangover 2" (2011)- Review

Have 2 say this FIRST: Alan’s wedding gift 2 Stu was a shocker @ the end of the film! It matched well with Stu! I saw the Advanced Screening of the movie & it rocked! My eyes were blood red from laughing so hysterically! I mean the FUNNIEST two characters in the movie were Stu and Alan. Phil & Doug were also funny-but Stu & Alan were making me laugh so much. I mean the movie was so much better than the first. The photography of the film was spectacular, the actors did a great job, it was funny, it was exciting and some of the things that were seen in this movie were X-rated, I can tell you! It totally freaked me the hell out! These are things that I never expected to see! They caught me off guard! All the scenes with that monkey were hilarious! All the facial expressions that Alan made were priceless. The format of the movie/opening credits were exactly similar 2 the first Hangover. The movie was excellent from beginning to end! I will probably go see it again and have to …

"Priest" 3D (2011)- Review

I saw an Advanced Screening of this movie and I do not know why I was ever even interested in it! Seriously! The movie looked as if it had a good story-line, but it sucked. This movie had minimal to no 3D visual effects in it at all. I was in my seat in the theater praying for the movie to hurry up and end and I was also drifting asleep on it as well. That is never a good thing! There were some parts in the film that totally freaked me out-it was not gory but disgusting! Guess that the writers wanted to incorporate some nasty images in with gory/religious killings! I dunno. I am just glad that I got to see ti for FREE, the 3D glasses were FREE, and the entire night was FREE because if I had to pay to see this movies, I would be so upset! DO NOT SEE this horrific movie-save ur money because it is not worth your hard earned money! Do not see if in 3D....if 3D is all they have, get an illegal copy of it for free, DO NOT PAY FOR IT because the only scene that is worth watching is the ver…

"Bridesmaids" (2011)- Review

This movie was, in my candid opinion, is very equal 2 "The Hangover" except for the fact that no one went missing in the movie. I did not want to see this film, but more and more people kept talking about it, I noticed that it got outstanding reviews, more and more guys went to see it than women, FB statuses were posted about it, so I had to see if all this was correct and it was definitely confirmed. This film was very funny! It had a ton of sexual references and R-rated images. Some stuff it in made me laugh so hard that my eyes were on fire! I could not catch my breath because it was funny from start to finish. It was not a chick flick to me; just because a movie is centered on all women does not mean that a man cannot appreciate a good comedy movie! Kristen Wiig really, really, really outdid herself in this movie. Her body language and movements were perfect! She played the "LEAD ROLE" in this movie-there is no doubt in my mind about that! Job VERY well-done! A…

"Something Borrowed" (2011)- Review

I've always said that TWO girls cannot be best friends and be after the same man! This movie was very entertaining! Kate Hudson was really acting & showing her acting capabilities! She was funny, she was wild/reckless, she was entertaining, she was pissed, she was confused, angry, any role that she needed to portray, in this film, I felt that she did it perfectly! I loved her character! So much! The actor whom played her love interest did a very good job as well, but he could have placed a bit more emphasis into his character. Nonetheless, his acting along with Ginnifer-they BELONGED together in the movie! Lol! I think that this film was a re-make of certain films such as The Wedding Planner and Bride Wars where the Bride wants to marry a certain guy, but then falls for the GF's best friend or brother, etc. Very predictable! But I thought that this movie was very funny, sweet, romantic, and should have come out on Valentine's Day weekend instead of Mother's Day wee…

"Thor 3D" (2011)- Review

This movie was good & had great visual effects and sounds—the works! But the two things that disappointed me about the film was that it was not as good as I thought it was going to be & secondly, I saw it in 3D and there were no 3D effects throughout the entire film. They had a very select few parts that were 3D, but it was very very minimal. Hopkins played his role of the Father really well and the one part that keeps sticking in my mind is when Darcy asked Thor to smile because she was going to put a picture of him on Facebook & he smiled-everyone in the auditorium smiled! Ha! Thor was more of an action/comedy movie because I was laughing more or less at 10 minute intervals. Not saying it was a bad thing, but I was expecting it to be a serious Marvel movie like Iron Man, Spiderman, or even Avatar. I was looking forward to seeing this film for months & now that the time has come, I feel pissed because I do not feel that it lived up to any high expectations. Natalie Po…

"Jumping The Broom" (2011)- Review

I saw the Advanced Screening of this film! This movie was funny and very real heart-felt. This was a movie that needed to be centered on Mother’s Day because it truly is about the “mothers” in the movie and what they are trying to represent. Paula Patton really did a phenomenal job and Angela Bassett, Meagan Good, Tasha Smith, Mike Epps, especially, and Loretta Devine made this movie! Mike Epps had me cracking up in the theater! The scenes that Tasha Smith had with Lil Romeo were soooo funny! Tasha makes me laugh in any comedy role she portrays! Lol! Loretta Devine had me reflecting about my mother and other mothers in the world and how they need to step back and examine the huge blessings that they have in front of them and to be careful not to lose them and to really know the definition of a “mother.” The entire cast did a great job and there was a SHOCKING TWIST in the movie that will shock you! All the scenes were great, I LEARNED from this movie so many things about either famil…