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"Don't Be Afraid of the Dark" (2011)- Review

Comparable to The Mist, Drag Me 2 Hell, & the Amityville Horror! All three of these movies have 1 thing in common with this film-the invisible horrifying creature that shows itself towards the middle of the film! I was so pissed off! All the ratings for this film were good & it ranked third place Opening Weekend, but this movie was NOT scary, it was NOT good, it is NOT worth seeing unless you are seeing it for free! Sure, it had a good storyline & the little creatures were disgusting & scary at first-but after that; this was your typical scary movie! I did NOT jump or flinch not once-this was a low budget film that should have gone straight to DVD & I hope that a sequel is NOT made because of what Katie Holmes said @ the very end! Listen carefully!!!

"Colombiana" (2011)- Review

I thought this movie was superb! Right on the $$$$! Zoe really handled those weapons! The scene in the bathroom where she was fighting Marco could have been more realistic looking....Zoe had that killer look & instinct-loved how she was sassy & elegant with every kill! This movie reminded me of Wanted or Bourne Identity because the killings were planned & executed well in the two movies I just compared this one too! I hope a sequel is made; there are those moments where an actor in any film may look a certain way or say something that may trigger a laugh from the audience & there were a few of those in this movie! I loved that! The girl who played Young Cataleya really was moving & jumping & running from those men like a pro! Wonder how long she had to train in order to do that? Great film! Could have had bigger actors in it, but then again, the film was centered around Zoe avenging her parents' deaths....

"Fright Night" (2011)- Review

I thought that this movie was mildly entertaining. It could have been rated PG-13 rather than R. This was like watching Twilight or Scream all over again because it was centered around the teenage generation and it had very mild humorous portions through the film. Colin Ferrell played a good vampire and he had the killer looks & instincts. I'll give him that much! I did NOT see it in 3D because I was afraid that I would not see any visual 3D effects and I did see what would have been in 3D in the film and it was minimal as I expected it to be. The storyline was very average and the color/photography of the film was very impressive! I loved that the most about it! All in all, I enjoyed this little thriller/suspense film. Glad I paid $5 to see it rather than $10 or higher, I feel like I paid the correct price to see this film and I feel good about it! It is a lil movie to sit and watch on a dark and rainy night because of the anticipation of what could or could not …

"Final Destination 5" 3D (2011)- Review

I thought that this movie was more gruesome than Part 4 given one tiny detail. As in the last Final Destination, the only time 3D effects were shown-was when someone died & that is exactly how this one was also! I did not mind that at all simply because it had the 3D effects throughout the entire film! There were certain parts where the anticipation kept building and building; keeping me on the edge of my seat shaking because I had no idea @ all if the person was or was not going to get into an "sticky situation" & just die! The gymnastic scene is a perfect example of what I've just said! I loved both the opening & ending credits! Glad I decided to see the Midnight Showing! I have been looking forward to this film for quite a while now...that bridge scene in the beginning of the movie was TOO INTENSE! A definite see movie! This was a really improved destination other than Part IV! I hope they continue to make these films in 3D because it makes the movie more…

"The Help" (2011)- Review

I'm dumbfounded @ the effect that this movie has had on me. There was ONE thing that was unclear to me, WHY did the WHITE characters hire BLACK maids, but did not want the maids to have equal rights as them & keep them segregated??? Minny was a trip in this movie; esp. her "secret ingredient" in her pie! LMAO! Once u find out what it is-your eyes will turn blood red from the laughter!!! I did not read the book about this movie, but if the movie was this deep, intense, & inspiring-I know the book had to be as well! Emma Stone portrayed her character beautifully, but Viola Davis & Octavia Spencer captured the screen since the film zeroed in on THEIR experiences & Stone had to write about them. Some parts offended me because this movie showed how it use to be in that era. Racism still exists in the world today, but it is not as bad as it was in the '50's & earlier/later. I can truly appreciate & respect films like this because they are trying…

"The Change-Up" (2011)- Review

A movie that I would have preferred to see at an Advanced Screening, personally. Individually, Jason & Ryan are terrific actors-anytime they make a comedy movie, they make me laugh! They have the talent, but Jason Bateman just cannot make great comedy movies! He is funny in this film, but he could have brought it out more extremely. Leslie Mann did a better job than Bateman in all honesty. This movie had a lot of female nudity scenes which most likely boosted ratings, because sex sells, but I felt that it could have been funnier. The photography was excellent & all the cast members were funny, but they could have been better. Not a lot of people laughed loudly in the theater. I smiled & chuckled a bit. It was very average & I was disappointed in it!