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"Moneyball" (2011)- Review

Mildly entertaining! Not very or highly-but yes, mildly. Any & every scene where it was Brad Pitt & Jonah Hill interacting with each other was funny & they made me laugh from Pitt's movements & body language to Jonah's dumb facial expressions and the things he said! These two have that on screen bond & chemistry that is centered & on point. This was one of those films where they showed part of the ending first, then at the end, you understood why! I do not like films like that, but I can appreciate it in this film because they kept on showing flashbacks of Beane's past & how those flashbacks made him who he is today. The conclusion was not shocking to me. Beane was presented an offer from the Red Sox or stay at Oakland A's & at the end of the movie, it is revealed what the offer is & what he decided to do! It blew my mind what the offer was & what he decided to do, but from what I watched, it was clear to me what Beane decided BE…

"Abduction" (2011)- Review

I think that for this to be Lautner's first lead solo role, he did very well. I see him doing more ACTION films than anything. It was odd seeing him fight, kill, get beat, threaten, etc. because he is not that established in the Entertainment medium, but the way he portrayed his role in this film, it is in his future. There was action in this film, there was suspense, more than anything. There was conflict and drama, deception, and all these attributes is what makes a movie a movie. This movie was like watching a younger version of Wanted, State of Play, Duplicity, The Sentinel, or even Shooter. Taylor may be young, but his facial expressions and the way he captured the screen was great! This may be a action/teenager film, but to me, I think this is first of many movies because outside of Twilight, he needs to begin making more films to see what responses it may get and which genre to go towards. I loved the movie from beginning to end and the explosions, intimacy, all the charact…

"Killer Elite" (2011)- Review

The synopsis of the film-reading all the cool action words and the trailer may seem like this will be a movie you cannot wait to go see-but it is the furthest thing from that. From the opening titles, I did not recognize the production company, the distributor, etc. That was a for sure definite low-budget film. This SHOULD have went to limited theaters and not worldwide. I can believe the rating that I have been seeing for this film. The ELITE KILLERS in this film were Robert DeNiro & Clive Owen. What was Jason Statham there for??? Statham's character did not have any spunk to him, the only thing good about his character was how he was fighting people and even sucked because you could tell it was altered. They way he runs in the Crank movies is how he was running and fighting in this film. Looks like it was in a cheap slow motion version. Never a good sign! I was very disappointed @ how a film like this with THREE well-known actors, Statham included, could be such a bust. DeNi…

"Straw Dogs" (2011)- Review

This movie was not at all what I expected esp. not from the previews that was shown! This was a very cowboy, western, limited, and plain movie. It was not all what the critics and other people who saw it said that it would be. The beginning of the movie was boring and I was forcing myself to stay awake for it. That in itself is a bad thing right there! The only part of the movie where it gets my attention is the VERY VERY END when everyone is trying to get into the Sumner's home and the killing begins! That caught my eye-I was happy that Marsden's character got to be a man and kicked some butt at the end. I do NOT care that I am telling how the end was because it was the only good part and if this movie is in the Top 5, this weekend, I have to speak to all the theaters who allowed people to see this horrific film with mild terror and suspense!

"Drive" (2011)- Review

This movie was sort of adrenaline-pumping towards the end & it was such a "quiet" film for about the first hour! I swear all the lines that the cast had were like two or four words or even a short sentence! I was like say something more, keep active! Ugh! Ryan Gosling really did great in the very beginning of the movie and then he did really good towards the end. There was some scenes where the shots fired from guns came from out of nowhere and I was not expecting it and my heart kept on racing and my knees were shaking because I did not want to relax because I did not know what was going to happen at all. The Driver was also a KILLER, I think in the movie. Gosling went from driving to talking and killing. I wish he could have done that throughout the damn entire movie, though. All in all, this was a very plain movie with no imagination, and very little suspense. The killing that occurred towards the end was so up-close and gory that it was awesome to see because from t…

"Contagion" (2011)- Review

This was a very unusual movie centered around a virus that affected me! Lol! After what I saw in this movie, I did not want to leave the movie theater because I was thinking who sat in the seat I sat in, who touched the hand railings, who touched the doors and door knobs, who used the restroom, who breathed on me, who talked to me, whose arm rubbed up against me? Lol! This movie was that intense and it had me in awe that something like this can happen if we eat behind anybody or not properly wash our hands, etc. This film can teach you that much if NOTHING else and how important it is to take care of yourself and to be careful about whom you are around. Out of the SIX main characters in the film, TWO die and one of the two is a person whom I love and hated to see that individual die! It sucked! In conclusion, this movie, AT LEAST THE FIRST HOUR, was like watching Paranormal Activity or some freaky film like that because of the images that was shown, but after the few deaths in the beg…