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"Breaking Dawn 1" (2011)- Review

Sensational! Mesmerizing! Intense! A few chuckles! Heart-pounding! So surreal! PHENOMENAL from start to finish! I'm really glad that I decided to see it on an exclusive pass! It was jammed-packed in the Theater! People had been lining up since the Theater opened most likely! Everyone seemed more grown up in the film esp. Bella! The end of the movie, the very end, the way it ended, you know what happened! To me, the way "she looked" was so captivating! This movie was so good, I wanted to watch it again! I am afarid that I may have to see it again just to see the ending; even though the movie was spectacular! Twilight films always crush the Box Office, kinda like how the baby was crushing Bella! Lol! There were minimal parts in the movie where I would chuckle because of what a character did or the type of facial expression they made! In short, I loved this film and can't wait to buy it on DVD!

"J. Edgar" (2011)- Review

Mindblowing! DiCaprio displays a magnitude of acting varieties! His performance captivates the screen & his audiences! Eastwood really directed his butt off in this movie! I was so impressed by what I saw! Leonardo is a MASTER at his craft! This movie was creating a lot of buzz before the trailer was finally aired, and even afterwards!!! DiCaprio & Hammer BOTH deliver A+ performances! I am still in awe at how this movie touched me! When it was over, all I could think about is DiCaprio! DiCaprio! DiCaprio! He deserves to win @ The Oscars in the Best Actor category & "J. Edgar" needs to win Best Picture! Just me typing the words does not do it justice! Loved this movie & I am dumbfounded that it aired in theaters worldwide on 11/11/11: Leonardo's Birthday! What a gift? To have HIS movie open on HIS birthday exhibiting HIM as a lead actor in a TRUE STORY! Best day ever for DiCaprio!

"Jack & Jill" (2011)- Review

I so wanted to give this movie a full 5 stars, but I can't! Do not get me wrong, the movie was hilarious as hell esp. the movie theater scene! That one did it for me. That lil Asian kid was so funny taping everything to himself, you will understand if you choose to see it, the dinner scene in the beginning was funny, Jack and Jill jumping rope on the cruise was kicks also and the part where Jill passed gas to was funny! This movie was cracking me up the entire time I was watching it. The introduction to the film was GENIUS! The ending was the same exact way. Adam Sandler really did a good job and this is a sweet, funny, holiday-centered film. A movie for all ages. There were even kids in the theater that were cracking up laughing! That is a definite plus!!! The movie just seemed a little on the weak side and not "100% comical." This was in the genre of comedy, but I was laughing, but it was not making me laugh if I were to see movies such as Grown Ups, Norbit, Scary Movi…

"Tower Heist" (2011)- Review

Broderick & Murphy made this movie!!! Supporting actors would have to be Affleck & Stiller! Naturally, Stiller is a hilarious guy-he played more of a sorta serious role in this film, but he did not capture the screen in his role. The way Affleck was acting all stupid really was not that funny, but was still funny nonetheless. The advertising that this movie got probably made 1000's of people go out & see it. I was not disappointed in it; I was more shocked that I was not falling out if my seat bursting in tears because with such an amazing cast, this film could have been better than just average! Gabourey was not seen a lot in the film & I was sad about that. The funny parts in the movie made me chuckle while a total of 3 or 4 parts made me laugh in excitement! A major plus! A film that was pretty amusing & mildly entertaining thanks to Eddie Murphy & Matthew Broderick!

"A Very Harold & Kumar 3D Christmas" (2011)- Review

FINALLY! A movie where the 3D actually shows during the entire movie; just one problem: HAROLD & KUMAR! Their acting sucked! The jokes that they told & the things that they were comical-but,not funny as hell! That was the only problem I had! I've never seen the first two movies-but when I saw the preview for this film, I was like, "O hell yeah!" If it only had the acting because it had the 3D, this movie would have been the best & coolest adult Christmas film. I sat there ready to laugh & expect crazy scenarios to occur when all of a sudden, Kumar reveals something unbelievably shocking that I NEVER saw coming! Then in another scene Harold reveals something too! WHOA! Let me tell you, this movie is right next to Jackass & medicore porn! The movie was average & I doubt it will be in the Top 5 @ the Box Office! There was a total if like 15 people or less in the theater when I saw it! That is just a preview if what you will see & how much of a H …