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End of 2011 Top Ten Movies In Review!

This has become a ritual to me to list the TOP TEN films of the year that I have seen and rank them form 10 to the #1 movie, in my opinion that I have seen. I rate in order from the best film to the absolute GREATEST as being #1 and here they are for this year:

RATING @ #10: "Beastly" feat. Alex Pettyfer and Vanessa Hudgens

RATING @ #9: "The Help" feat Viola Davis, Emma Stone, & Octavia Spencer

RATING @ #8: "Bridesmaids" feat. Kristen Wiig, Maya Rudolph, & Rose Byrne

RATING @ #7: "Fast Five" feat. Vin Diesel, Paul Walker, and The Rock

RATING @ #6: "Crazy Stupid Love" feat. Steve Carrell, Julianne Moore, and Emma Stone

RATING @ #5: "Jumping the Broom" feat. Paula Patton, Loretta Devine, & Angela Bassett

RATING @ #4: "Horrible Bosses" feat. Jason Sudeikis, Jennifer Aninston, and Charlie Day

RATING @ #3: "Breaking Dawn-Part 1" feat. Taylor Lautner, Kristen Stewart, and Robert Pattinson

RATING @ #2: "N…

"We Bought A Zoo" (2011)- Review

This was more a movie about the ANIMALS than the PEOPLE & that actual comparison was made several times throughout the film! This was definitely a family-orientated film. It was very original & lacked that ability to shine to be @ the top of the Box Office Charts. Damon gave a great performance esp. in the scenes with his son where they were shouting & angry with each other. The little girl was exceptionally cute & always saying the sweetest things; if not doing or saying something very funny that made the audience laugh out loud & that is rare to have a child of such a young age be so talented like she was! The movie had an average cast, some more big names could have been introduced, but I can see that the film was, in fact, of a low budget because the photography was of a poor magnitude. Overall, the storyline was okay, some parts were funny & sweet while others were more serious. It's a family movie suited for the inner-kid of us all!

"The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo" (2011)- Review

A great movie where you have to pay attention the entire time & not even blink! The investigator/researcher was a badass! She made you laugh, she made you chuckle, and she made you think to yourself--think that she is a crazy girl who is capable of anything! I liked the movie! The first hour was slow in getting to the good parts, but once that hour was over, the good stuff came like: mystery, suspense, complications, past discretion's, conflict, sex, anger, revenge, & violence! Yes, this movie had all of these qualities! The way the girl covered her tracks in order to do her job was immaculate! This is a definite suspense/thriller movie! The violence was NOT that gory & there was not much, but still was freaky esp. with the fat banker who had access to her money. Daniel Craig could have acted better. Rooney did a great job acting. See this movie! You will not be disappointed-u may be sad at the beginning, but from the middle to end-u shall be amazed @ what is uncovered…

"Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol" IMAX (2011)- Review

I loved the music accompanied with the opening titles! The movie was sensational! Definitely an IMAX movie worth seeing! The sound, the ACTION, the fighting, the excitement, & the explosions were dynamite! I loved the scene when Tom was climbing on the hotel building in Dubai! I felt like I could sense his fear knowing he was on the 130th floor (if it really existed)! Paula was a fierce ass-kicker! She had some moves on her! Simon was funny through the entire film by his funny remarks & facial expressions! It is always good to see Tom on the Big Screen! I loved the film from start to finish & it ties in with the previous MI films, also! If you do see it & can afford it, IMAX is awesome & it makes you feel like ur really there! There was one part in the film where something happens unexpected & it awakens/shocks ur heart because it occurs so rapidly & with little to no advance warning-beware if you choose to accept this movie.....2D or IMAX.....Which will it…

"New Year's Eve" (2011)- Review

Loved this movie! You've got to stay for the bloopers @ the end of the showing! These actors really captured the screen: Sofia Vergara, Zac Efron, Ashton Kutcher, & Hilary Swank! These four were alive & vibrant! All the other actors were plain & did not have an affect on me as the others did. Overall, I enjoyed the movie, it should have had a release date closer to New Year's, but hey, I don't make the release dates! It was cool to see who was related to whom as the movie progressed, but I gotta tell you-Sofia Vergara was so hysterically funny--no matter what scene she was in! She was acting crazy & just freaking out! The scene with Jessica Biel doing yoga upside down is funny; the mystery woman who Josh Duhamel meets up with is sorta predictable; Alyssa Milano basically had three sentences to say in two small scenes-but I cannot say how good she was though...she should have been an extra! Lol! A festive film for all & the speech Hilary Swank gives has …

"The Sitter" (2011)- Review

Very disappointing! This movie delivers the comedy especially from Jonah Hill, but no other well-known actors was in it besides himself! The little girl who played Blythe was too kicks! Lol! I was drifting off to sleep during the entire film & was waiting for it to end! The movie was very low-budgeted & critics were rating this movie very negatively from the beginning. It was a crude comedy, but a very boring & original comedy! This is a movie that should have gone directly to DVD. I will NOT advise people to see this movie! I was so pissed @ how bad & whack this film was. This is a movie that you put in the DVD player to fall asleep to or to just have something on while you clean with the occasional laughs delivered by Jonah Hill....or.....yes, the cute girl, Blythe....