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"Killing Them Softly" (2012)- Review

I’m at a total loss for words. I felt that this movie was a complete and utter disaster and I truly feel remorse for anyone who gets upset that it is sold out when they go to the theater and esp. for the ones whom are either going/want to see it. I felt that this movie was sort of like the three hour movie, CLOUD ATLAS! I could not follow and keep up with that movie and I felt the same exact way concerning this one! This film should have been called Jack Kills Them Hardly! LOL! Because when Jack killed, he did in a hardcore, vile, unspeakable; very cold and heartless and calculated fashion. I will give credit where it is due and it is due for Brad Pitt’s pivotal role he portrayed in this movie. His character was so awesome that he had me thinking about any type of gangster films such as CASINO, THE GODFATHER, THE UNTOUCHABLES, etc. He played his role just that dynamite! James’ character was a little over the top for me, but he was still funny nonetheless, though. Brad & James capt…

"Breaking Dawn 2" (2012)- Review

The introduction, the first 30 minutes, and the very end were the most memorable parts of the film, to me. Everything in between was just average. But as a whole, the film was great, but I felt that they could have focused a bit more on Bella's powers and how she really enjoyed her new life as a vampire. The love scene between Bella & Edward was much more passionate and realistic than in Part 1. Zeroing in on Bella's eyes a lot during the film was not necessary-maybe the director was trying to compensate for something by doing that. I strongly feel that to wait for a year for the most highly anticipated series to get what I saw, I would have to say is not worth the wait. The idea and the concept and all that went into it was cool and the anxiety of waiting leading up to the big day was exciting, but I felt the movie was great, but could have been greater! I mean, two of the characters were not seen for about 45 minutes to an hour of the film, something I wanted to happen w…

"Skyfall" IMAX (2012)- Review

Flawless performances by all! Mesmerizing! Action-packed! Thrills! Chills! I saw it in IMAX and the very last fiery scene made me feel as if I was really there! IMAX makes it alive and so real for you! All the parts that they showed in the trailer for this film was in the movie and I got really excited anytime I saw any part in the movie that corresponds with the trailer. My absolute all time part of the movie was when Eve was shaving Bond. They made that part look sexual and erotic in the trailer and it did NOT disappoint in the actual film itself! This movie was sensational from beginning to end! I want to see it again and again. When I saw QUANTUM OF SOLACE-I did not like it at all, but Craig made it all up to me in this movie. There were some parts in the film where they had humor and it was excellent, because all movies need some bit of minimal humor or a certain look from a main cast member that will make the audience laugh or chuckle, at least. I cannot say one bad thing about …

"The Paperboy" (2012)- Review

Where should I begin? I was an extra in the movie & I had NO idea about McConaughey's character! I always overheard chatter from people saying that this film was dark, shallow, sexually crude and inappropriate. I KNOW know and understand why and they all were correct about it! The sexual references and what I saw was just.....unspeakable! Nicole Kidman really did a phenomenal job at portraying the "dumb blonde" role! 100% respect goes out to her! I had NEVER in my life seen her play a role like the one she played in this movie! Zac Efron did an average job and John Cusack was very believable with his character. Macy Gray really made me laugh simply because of how she was narrating story to how she talked in her scenes and her overall character. Lee Daniels is NOT a good Director and it is pitiful how he directed this film and how he could get nominated for Best Director for PRECIOUS a few years ago at The Academy Awards! The budget for this film was $11.0M and the fi…

"The Man with the Iron Fists" (2012)- Review

I absolutely loved this movie. I have not seen RZA act before and in this role, he was not the best, but you know what-everyone makes flops, good movies, etc. It takes a long time to make a hit movie. I am not saying that this movie was not a success, because in my eyes it was and Tarantino was a part of this film and you can tell he was involved from all the gore and the bloodbath slaughtering. It seems funny to watch because all of the blood looked unrealistic, and the killing and fighting was all happening so fast, I could not see what was really happening. The action and the fighting styles were very cool to see. It should have been in 3D to be honest. That would have made it a lot cooler to watch on the big screen! Lucy Liu really did a sensational job at portraying a bad-ass chica in charge. I loved her line in the film: "if you hurt my girls...I'll hurt your boys!" Very classic! Watching this movie was like watching KILL BILL: VOLUME KILL TO THE MAXIMUM EXTREME! …

"Flight" (2012)- Review

Denzel does it again...and will again and again! The movie overall was his and his alone! It was centered around his character, but all throughout the movie the audience, myself included felt so sorry for his character & were saying silently and out loud in a whisper the phrase or words, "no" and "don't do it." After you see the movie , you will fully understand why. Lol! Goodman was kicks! He was very funny in his role. I want to laugh right now just reflecting back on it! You have to see it to believe it. I cannot give this film 5 full stars because it just wasn't....that hardcore bad-ass Denzel film I expected it to be. It was an AWESOME film, don't get me wrong, but it was lacking a few tiny things to make it a flawless movie. Washington's acting was dynamite. That was NOT the problem-just a few tweaks in certain scenes would have been better I think. Denzel's character was a tough, independent, take no BS off anyone type and I liked tha…