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The Top 10 Films of '12 In Review...

As I close another great year of watching an extensive amount of films, here I am with my yearly ritual-to count down, in my opinion, my Top Ten movies (from 10 being the best to 1 being sensational, of course). Also, I would like to thank each and every last person who read any, if not, all of my movie ratings this year. I appreciate your feedback and your views. I was impressed with the numbers and hope they keep rising! May next year be even better...

10th Place Winner: "The Dark Knight Rises"

9th Place Winner: "Pitch Perfect"

8th Place Winner: "Flight"

7th Place Winner: "Think Like A Man"

6th Place Winner: "21 Jump Street"

5th Place Winner: "The Avengers"

4th Place WInner: "Breaking Dawn: Part II"

3rd Place Winner: "Skyfall"

2nd Place Winner: "Ted"

1st Place Winning Film: "Django Unchained"

-You may or may not agree with my Top 10 List, but that is okay too. To each their own, but know I love …

"Django Unchained" (2012)- Review

"A Brutal Riot of a Masterpiece" is how I can sum up this movie! I did see myself in the film and I look kind of good as a slave! Lol! I say that QT went a little overboard with the gory and extreme bloody killings. There was so much blood and people shooting and killing dead people over and over again and blood splattering all over the place made it look so unrealistic, but QT is NOT known for Disney movies too on the other hand. If yo are use to Mr. QT, then this film you should add to your collection with all of his other movie masterpieces! I felt like Jamie Foxx really did an outstanding job! Kerry Washington was not seen in the movie a lot, which really made me sad, but it was hard to watch certain scenes with her. Beating and torturing people/slavery has ALWAYS been hard or me to watch even though that is how it really was back in those days. Kerry really did a great job at portraying the victim-I have to give it to her. Now, DiCaprio and Jackson. Those two entered th…

"Parental Guidance" (2012)- Review

Despite all the negative reviews....I thought the movie was absolutely positively AWESOME and made for Christmas Day. It never ceases to amaze me at how a regular film can have a sort of Christmas effect on people when it opens up on Christmas Day. This movie had hard laughs from start to finish. Everyone and I do mean EVERY SINGLE LAST CAST MEMBER was funny and was VERY AND HIGHLY ENTERTAINING! I really wanted to jump into the screen and be a part of the movie-I was getting into it so heavily! Lol! It was like watching the film PLAYING FOR KEEPS, but BETTER! Bette Midler & the red-haired boy who played Barker were the two actors that really stood out and made me laugh; like really jaw-dropping laugh at some of the things that they did and actually said! There is nothing nasty or negative that I can say about the film. After leaving the theater, I did not want to leave and I wanted to stay & just watch it again and again. It felt so special, funny, family-orientated, & jus…

"This is 40" (2012)- Review

It was not named by the director as the “sort-of-sequel to Knocked Up” for no reason. It truly was more like a reality-type film rather than a regular movie. Granted, the two main characters are Rudd and Mann. But, in order for this to have been in my eyes a proper sequel, I would have wanted to see Seth Rogen and Katherine Heigl in it, at least as a cameo. They brought back Jodi and introduced a lot more cast members. It was strange to see. The kids: Those two have really grown up and they were absolutely adorable in their own messed up little way throughout the movie. They really did an incredible job! The parents: Pete and Debbie really have chemistry together in these roles-they both impressed me equally. I cannot say that Rudd was funnier than Mann or vice versa-they BOTH were highly entertaining and they both made me laugh during the entire f****n film and I say that because that “f” word was used a ton in the movie by everyone including the kids! Lol! Megan Fox really portrayed…

"The Guilt Trip" (2012)- Review

Just because this film had heavy mega-hitters Streisand & Rogen does NOT mean that it is an instant A+ 2 Thumbs up film! Granted, this film did make my jaws hurt from extreme laughter & it was very entertaining from beginning to end….I LOVED it, but I just could not give it a solid gold perfection A+. Just because it got a B+ does not mean that I didn’t like it. It just means that it was not high up there as I would have liked it to be. I can and will say this: Barbara & Seth really captured the screen and portrayed the “mommy & son” role to a T! Absolutely!!! I, honestly was just amazed at how much they REALLY made their characters come to life in this movie! I was rocked! Stunned! Captivated! I will say that out of the two of them, Barbara was FUNNIER than Seth! I kid you not! Seth is a born comedian, but, Barbara is a stone-cold genius at it! When you watch her movements and what she says and do-you will most likely agree with me! About halfway through the film, you…

"Hitchcock" (2012)- Review

Loved it! My absolute all-time favorite line of this movie was when Anthony Hopkins said, “call me Hitch & drop the cock!” LMAO! Absolutely amazingly hysterical! Hopkins & Mirren were the right top two choices for the leading roles in this movie! Hopkins looked so much like the real Alfred Hitchcock that the only times I could “see” Anthony Hopkins was from the side on a few occasions. The introduction to the film was perfect and the ending matched the beginning in the same way and it was very funny! I am not sure if Alfred Hitchcock was a funny man considering he loved mystery and spy films-but in this movie the character was always upbeat & charming with a splash of funny. Lol! It was odd to see Jessica Biel with a 1950’s hairdo. Lol! There were a lot of older people in the theater watching the movie and laughing out loud-I felt a bit out of place. I always feel like that when I see a movie that I assume is centered on the older generation than the younger, etc. I sincer…

"Playing for Keeps" (2012)- Review

In all honesty, I felt that the film was cheesy, low-budgeted, and very predictable. Just because it is coming out during the holidays does NOT mean that you cannot mix in a little mystery with the sweetness that the movie already had. The original title of the film was PLAYING THE FIELD. I think that it should have kept that name because Gerard Butler really did “play the field” with all the soccer moms! Lol! Uma Thurman was not seen a lot throughout the film. I feel that the movie was very sweet & charming. This seems to be one of those movies where you are just sitting by the nice warm fireplace sipping on Egg Nog and the family is around and you all are in the mood for a sweet little treat to accompany your Egg Nog. Jessica Biel did a good job in the film, but her hair was a wreck! It was odd watching a movie where Butler was talking with his authentic and natural accent. Typically, he is hiding it. He sounds very awesome with it to be honest. There is nothing more that I can …