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"The Wolverine" (2013)- Review

I thought the movie was fantastic! It was worth the wait! Never ever ever ever a dull moment! Jackman never looks older as Logan. Always young-looking the exact same way! Even though Jean made cameos during the film-she has "the look" that directors are always on the look for. Her facial expressions are so natural that she does need words because you can never know what she is thinking in any movie she is in. Had to mention that. The fast-paced action/fighting scenes were cool and were on the edge of my seat! I really loved this one! Stay for the post-credits scene! Jackman was a brutal beast! There were a funny funny jokes and facial expressions mixed in with the film in its entirety-but it all fit together perfectly! I will be seeing the next movie in the series! Again-it will be worth the wait! The Wolverine always comes back in EVERY sense of the word...

"RED 2" (2013)- Review

I thought that this sequel was pretty amazing! I was not laughing as hard as I expected to like I did for the first movie but there were scenes were I let go and laughed and screamed-very loudly in the theater! Mary-Louise Parker really plays a nitwit, shy & timid to pure delight and perfection! Her demeanor and facial expressions MUST make anyone laugh at her! She caught me off guard and said and did some things that really made me laugh that I wasn't expecting! Malkovich was funny too. He is just a fool in these movies. Mirren is a total badass. It's just surreal seeing her with bombs, knives, guns and kicking butt even if her stunt double is doing looks weird seeing a woman-much older woman like her fighting and shooting people! Just surreal but I loved it. The music to the opening credits and ending credits was cool and how the film progressed was great showing us certain things in cartoon formatting. Overall, I was highly entertained from the ex-RED operative…

"R.I.P.D." 3D (2013)- Review

I have, simply one sentence to sum up this one & it's this: "RIP R.I.P.D!" Bridges & Reynolds really make a funny & golden cop duo but I really did not have great or high expectations for this movie-but for the last week or so I was hearing such nasty reviews and predictions-I was still going see it for Reynolds & Bridges! Jeff Bridges was very funny and so was Mary-Louise Parker. She just has that "silly nitwit" persona about her in any role she plays. I figured out within the first ten minutes who the bad guy was-very predictable. The opening to the film came together mid-way so that I could follow along. The final scene on the rooftop was sentimental but the LAST scene with Reynold's new identity was HILARIOUS!

"The Conjuring" (2013)- Review

I felt this movie lived up to the "high expectations" it promised its audiences with clips and three separate trailers! Vera & Patrick really work well together! Vera's role was more in-depth & exciting than any other role in the film. What you expected to happen--didn't; what you didn't expect--did; and what you thought was scary--WAS! The movie was not predictable @ all & as I always say: I LOVE THAT! I loved the opening and the close of the film. It was appropriate! It set the tone for the film and the end set it up for a sequel. It wasn't as horrifying, to me, at least...but it had that "on the edge of your seat" concept going on. I just love Wan's movies-he has not disappointed me yet! Seeing this movie was definitely worth the money and most importantly, the wait! Go get conjured!

"Grown Ups 2" (2013)- Review

I think that this movie was funny but not as funny, loud, & rowdy as the first one was. One of the main guys did not return for the sequel-but they got a good replacement! Lol. The opening to the movie was "ideal & perfect." I really enjoyed the "special 3-trick combination" that Kevin James did! Wooooowww is all I can say. This was a short sequel. I felt the ending was coming even though I did not want it to end! It has a ton of laughs, squirts, dances, & of course farts! I laughed just now as I wrote the previous sentence! It is a summer film-I don't think you will be disappointed!

"Kevin Hart: Let Me Explain" (2013)- Review

I was seeing the trailer for this movie a ton but it was so short of a film that it should have gone directly to DVD. It was not as hysterical as I assumed it to be because millions of people admire and love Kevin Hart just as I do. I feel he shines in movies. Stand-up comedy is something I rarely view. His stand-up comedy movie was entertaining to a point but I was not weak or dying laughing as I would had he been in a regular film with other actors. The audience was not laughing out of control in the theater tonight. I respect him as a performer and how he is becoming a success...but this short film was not that great to me but he is still VERY ENTERTAINING!