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"Don Jon" (2013)- Review

For Levitt's directorial debut, he did a fairly good job creating a movie that has been made in the past by thousands of actors. Lol! Joseph did a really good job portraying the playboy-type while maintaining his daily life surrounded by his family, his friends, his church and of course his obsessive love for porn. As soon as the movie began, he set the tone for what was next to come; which was perfect. As the film progressed on, it got more funny and enjoyable but lacking the "spice" to keep my attention. Just because a movie shows skin, sex, and provocative nudity does not mean that it will keep everyone's attention. It all is about the way in which an actor chooses to portray these characteristics to the audience. If they will do something to keep us engaged. I was engaged but not fully into it as the preview for this movie led me to believe. The character of Barbara was trying to teach Jon how to COMMIT to something. She was playing hard to get and making Jon wor…

"Baggage Claim" (2013)- Review

Flawlessly epic! Absolutely magically & remarkably perfect! I loved it from start 2 finish. The beginning started off beautifully with Paula Patton's gorgeous face and ended the same way but with a different ending result! I'm getting chills just writing this review because I loved the movie just that much! Jill Scott was "fiercely nutty" in every meaning of the phrase! She & Paula MADE the movie-do you hear me? Made it! Adam Brody was funny but not as funny as those two! The scene between Kodjoe & Patton had the audience moaning & blurting and clapping! The sheer imagery and reactions from the actors on the screen captured me! Everything made sense; everything fit together; it was sweet & romantic while being comical. Patton really "took off " in the lead in this movie! She is flying high & this movie proves it! It has a stellar cast, shining moments; & a touching message towards the close of the film. I saw it at a screening &a…

"Prisoners" ( 2013)- Review

I think this time...and it is rare-the critics went too much with positivity with the movie. I kept reading reviews that said it is "jaw dropping; extensive gore; suspenseful; & thrilling/chilling at the edge of your seat." I felt all these characteristics, but they were mediocre & NOT in-depth hardcore as the ratings was creating it to be! Certain parts: Yes. The entire movie: No, unfortunately. By the close of the film-you can understand the title of the film & the shocking ending that surprised audiences INCLUDING myself! I hated the ending and from the reaction from the crowd-so did they. When the villain is revealed-you will cringe! Totally unexpected! Jackman was bringing out The Wolverine in almost every part when he displayed anger/dismay. He & Gyllenhaal really got into character & worked very well together. Gore. There were not that many gory scenes--some are disgusting and acceptable while others just make you want to cry in agony! They mix wel…

"Insidious: Chapter 2" (2013)- Review

I enjoyed the movie. I loved the intense anticipation in ONE scene in the movie! This one scene really had me on the edge of my seat. Other scenes were shocking but did not get that "scary" reaction out of me. I think Wan did a good job but it could have been a bit more freighting like Dead Silence or Conjuring. There are different levels of freighting people and the tools used to portray the type of horror you are trying to project onto someone. This was medium and low-key horror. This movie made me shiver but not yell or take a deep breath or scare me. Wilson really did a pretty average job while Byrne did the same. They both were good-but not that captivating. The way that the movie ended seems to suggest a third film or the end-literally; the end. It can go either way but I don't see where they can go with the story-line because everything that needed to be covered was. In conclusion, Part 1 was better than this one but this one should have had more chills and thrill…

"The Family" (2013)- Review

It was a crime drama but not hardcore like The Godfather, Casino, The Untouchables, or anything like that-more on the comedy aspect side than anything. To say that three top-notch actors starred in this movie, I was disappointed  All the parts that the audience laughed and chuckled at; I didn't. That does not mean it was not funny to me-it just did not require me to have a loud and visible reaction. There were several things that happened in this movie that was just shocking and/or funny and I just looked at the screen in awe rather than laugh out loud or even chuckle. I assume these parts are funny to certain people and just not me. I guess the dumbest things in funny movies make me laugh more than funny things in other films. I dunno, but the movie was entertaining! Just was looking for more. I watched the trailer for it for so long-I was let down.