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"Sabotage" (2014)- Review

This movie was a gory bloodbath! It was a very low budget and non-costly film, but it was still good nonetheless. The beginning was a little boring but then as the film progressed, it got really interesting. The killing was so intense and like a Tarantino film. Lol! Arnold did a really good job but dang is he looking old in movies. The movie was utterly original but still good. I guessed who the bad person was mid-way in the film, but I really did like the killing because it was gory but it still freaks me out seeing blood splattered all over the place. Sabotoge was really interesting to me and it had a good and decent plot. I would rather have seen it at a screening or for a matinee which I did. But all in all, it was a good movie with a lot of killing and a twist.

"Bad Words" (2014)- Review

To say this is Bateman's directorial debut-I can see how it stems from him. It was just like all his characters in ALL of his films: Hysterical. The movie was very dark (picture quality wise). I tried to block it out but it was still funny from beginning to end. The little boy who wanted to be friends with him was kicks, too! He stole the movie right along with Jason. The movie was vile, crude & just RUDE! The movie just seemed so "on point" with the tone of how Bateman wanted it to be. I loved it- a lot! I have never laughed so hard in all my life! The tricks he played on the kids-memorable & there was a twist in the movie and you may predict the end as I did, just be prepared for it to change and change....and change....and...

"Divergent" IMAX (2014)- Review

I really loved the movie way much more than I expected that I would. Theo James is a really great young actor. I wanted to see this movie in IMAX because it was the bomb in the regular 2D format. There is nothing that I can say negative about this movie. It is good-all good from beginning to end! I was really into the movie. It seems like this series will be like Twilight, Harry Potter, and The Hunger Game series. I cannot wait until the next movie comes out in the series. I also cannot wait to purchase this movie on Blu-Ray! Divergent is a box office smash! I wanted the movie to keep going on for all eternity and never stop. A total running time of 2 hours and 19 minutes is just not enough. I loved the entire concept of the movie. The message that they relayed about fear was a little too much over the top, but the importance of conquering your fears was crucial, but the techniques that they used to strengthen the new recruits-I had a problem with. I cannot say any more about the movi…

"Need For Speed" (2014)- Review

No words! It was like watching a Fast/Furious movie with a bunch of no-named actors but 2 or 3. It was 2 hours filled with fast-paced....on the edge of your seat adreneline pumping thrills and chills! The IMPACTS of the car crashing scenes is what made the movie! Aaron Paul did a remarkable job! His acting was dynamite like he was the next Paul Walker (so serious). The cars were so intriguing & the entire vibe for the movie was explosive! I really enjoyed this movie! If I had not gone to an early screening-I would have gladly paid money to see it! There is NOTHING bad I can say about the film. It had a mixture of love, loss, scares, & laughter! All the right combinations to be a huge success! I just wish that there could have been more well-deserving cast members, but this movie will boost the reputation of the actors in it-that is for sure! I loved this movie & it was exciting and just....perfect! I need a rest after watching it because there was so much speed and everyth…

"Veronica Mars" (2014)- Review

First off, I have NOT seen one episode of this TV show that was turned into a movie! But the first 5 minutes of it explained everything and some of the characters from the show was in the movie; some--not all! Bell playing the lead character is not suited for her. She just does not have that look that can capture a screen for this role. She has that sweet look and not the badass/ jokester look. The movie was utterly original and lacked acting. I was starting to drift off into oblivion and that is so not me if I am into a movie. Could not get into it. I mean it kept my attention but not my full attention. Don't you hate when you go to the theater all vibrant and active up until the point when the movie begins and the more it plays...that is when you notice it is boring and you start to feel the opposite of how you felt when you first arrived? That's what happened to me. The storyline was weak-the acting was so,so. The movie just was, eh.

"Single Mom's Club" (2014)- Review

I'm really amazed at how much this film got to me. I think that the 5 ladies circumstances and how they dealt with being single mothers touched my heart. I have never been so move or inspired to get up in the middle of a movie and take a stand on this issue and I am not even a father nor have I been married. Nia Long gave the performance of a lifetime! Her son is the splitting image of her. When I tell you the love and concern she showed him in the movie-it might have been acting, but it is more real than anything else. I connected with her character in the aspect that when it comes to your children, parents will do everything possible to protect them. I see it from mine. Coco and Wendi's characters in the beginning of the movie was deliciously hysterical! The women gave all single mother's the inspiration to press forward and NOT let the bad turmoil get you down. Find the support and the strength to gain control of your life and situation. Hope is still alive for single m…