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Top Ten Movies of 2014 In Review.....

Hi Everyone-
I know that for months, I have been MIA & I sincerely apologize for that but it was beyond my control. I do not know who follows my blog on a regular basis, but I monitor the activity and try to post WEEKLY because I am a real love of movies. For any of you who did check week to week and missed my posts, I sincerely appreciate you and I appreciate EVERYONE who even comes from time to time. I created this blog to rate movies in my own way - as myself and not like the critics critiques movies so harshly and such. So EVERY every year, I rate movies from 10 BEING THE BEST...all the way to ONE BEING THE ABSOLUTE GREATEST!

#10: "Annie" feat Jamie Foxx and Q. Wallis

#9: "Neighbors" feat. Seth Rogen & Zac Efron

#8: "Blended" feat. Adam Sandler and Drew Barrymore

#7: "Godzilla" feat. Bryan Cranston

#6: "Divergent" feat. Shailenne Woodley and Theo James

#5: "Sex Tape" feat. Cameron Diaz & Jason Segel

#4: "John Wic…

"Big Eyes" (2014)- Review

I loved the ending of the movie- the ending images and facts about who the movie was about. I am so glad that she reclaimed her life and took back what she allowed her husband to do to her. I can appreciate women who can put a man in their place and be the bigger person and gain strength despite the circumstances that they had to face. Running away from confrontation NEVER solves anything and if you have blinders on it is hard to see yourself being used for someone else’s benefit and this extraordinary film teaches all of these things. Amy Adams and Christoph Waltz had great on-screen chemistry in this movie & they portrayed the real life people to the maximum that they could go. I enjoyed the movie but did enjoy what Keane put Mrs. Keane through. He only made her see dollar signs where she was a woman of principles and ethics. She sacrificed her relationship with her one and only daughter and her integrity because he husband was throwing money at her to cloud her judgment and jus…

"The Gambler" (2014)- Review

This was not Mark's best movie- it was, I don't want to say dull but plain. I loved the gambling scenes & the fight scenes. Jessica Lange gave a stellar performance- she was the bomb! Wahlberg's character could confuse you because he was saying that he was and wasn't a gambler. You could see that the movie was cheaply made and low-budget. I love Mark's movies; whether be good or bad, I will see EVERY Mark Wahlberg movie because I am a HUGE fan of his! The beginning of the movie matched the ending equally...I do not want to give it away, but opposites is a clue. As the movie unfolds, you can fully grasp the tagline of the film being "the only way out is all in." I felt the film could have had more well-known actors in it and it could have been more deeper and action-packed. This is just a low-rate action movie & it has its high moments and its lows.

"Annie" (2014)- Review

I am glad that Annie was catered to the African-American culture. Q put her own vibe and culture into how she wanted Annie portrayed. Her style. Her vision. Her image. I was in awe at their performances throughout the film. “I Think I’m Gonna Like It Here” and “It’s A Hard Knock Life” were two of my personal favorites. The solo that Cameron Diaz sang was funny as hell and I enjoyed it. It was cool to see Cameron in a role like this. It was awesome to see Foxx and Diaz’s characters due to Annie. She had influence over them and they did not realize it until it was too late- but better too late than NEVER and that was the main ingredient that I respected about the movie as a whole. She CHANGED their whole attitudes and their views on life and her being cute as a button was just a delightful added bonus! I enjoyed the movie a lot and I enjoyed watching it! It is a perfect holiday musical! The movie was like the character, Annie: Delightful and for a kid, very insightful (of others).

"Night @ the Museum: Secret of the Tomb" (2014)- Review

This was the most perfect way to end the series. I feel that no matter how profitable these movies were- they should have stopped here because everything happened as it should have. I see nowhere else to go and with the passing of Actor Robin Williams and he being Teddy Roosevelt, a fourth installment is NOT needed. I really enjoyed the movie. Ben Stiller’s son was older, time moved on and Stiller’s character has the opportunity to find his own new adventures or maybe his character will go back to school and get the degree that he always wanted to get for himself and for his son. There are many ways that fans of these movies can see it ending in THEIR own way rather than a movie actually about it. Use your imagination as every person says in the movies- use to dream up your won ending and it can stay alive in YOUR heart forever and ever! Having the actress Rebel Wilson in this movie with Ben Stiller was a bold and sassy move- she was too entertaining in the movie! She is a very funny …

"Top Five" (2014)- Review

Chris Rock did his usual thing in this movie. There was one lady in the audience who kept on laughing after the entire audience had stopped. I did not think the movie was all that funny. It was an average film. I saw it to support African American actors and I loved all the cast in the movies. Rosario Dawson really looked hot and she was the funniest in the movie and her character was a blunt and straightforward one and she played it to the maximum as she possibly could. Her acting was very believable and there was a shocking twist in the ending of the movie. Gabrielle Union was not seen a lot in the movie, which sucked because I love seeing her in movies! I say that if you want to see this movie, wait to see it for a matinee price or get it on DVD. It was not all that great. Don’t get me wrong, I did chuckle and laugh at the movie but it was not hysterically hilarious as I was expecting it to be. The cast was great and some of the twists were great as well. It will not be the top mov…