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"The Age of Adaline" (2015)- Review

Blake Lively really did a brilliant and flawless job as Adaline. I cannot see no other actress portraying this role but her! Damn was she phenomenal! I mean it!  Her acting was so sophisticated for the entire film no matter how old she was; no matter what year it was; she was consistent. Period! 

That is what impressed the heck out of me. Lively needs to win an Oscar for her performance! Even when her daughter was older looking than that of her, she still behaved like a mother even though she looked like a teenager! It was really perfect! Absolutely perfect! I loved how they told the story of how she got to be the way that she was. 

The beginning of the film matched the end. It was predictable to me and I sort of knew what was going to happen but movies can alter what they want the audience to think & such- but I was expecting for something in particular to happen but it happened but not in the way that I was expecting. 

The entire movie was very insightful and magical when you stop …

"Unfriended" (2015)- Review

The movie brought a new meaning to the word, "cyber." I mean the movie was good: it was not spectacular or bad even. It was just average. I felt like I was watching American Pie with all the messenger chats and stuff mixed with The Blaire Witch Project. Lol! All of the chats, skype videos, and the Facebook instant messages. 

I felt like I was looking at myself and so many others who cyber chat in today's society. The same noises, the same icons, the same rings and sounds you hear on Skype, Yahoo, and everything made the film so realistic and very believable, to me at least. That is one thing about the movie that I appreciated. The kills were not as gruesome and were not frightening- but they served its purpose though. 

The film had the elements to be a great scary success and I have never seen a movie like this before- seeing the characters get killed on camera in a group video feed in a movie before. It is a brand new concept that I think a lot of other movies will try to…

"Furious 7" IMAX (2015)- Review

Paul Walker was a wonderful and valuable cast member in these films & he will be and still is deeply missed all over America! The send-off that this film gives him was pure perfection. He retired from the fast and furious life & lived his life with Mia and his family. Paul and Vin driving and going their separate paths signifies that Brian is on his only journey and Dom is on his own path but no matter how far apart their worlds may be- one FACT still remains- they will ALWAYS be both close and brothers for life- in both the movie and in real life. 

The closing beach scene was hard for me to watch because I knew; as we all do, know that Paul's character would not be returning. A lot of people in the audience teared up and clapped afterwards. That was our tribute to him and what he did for us. Paul gave us one hell of a ride with these movies and all the other movies that he made for us and the charities that he set up for animals and for people. 

Paul Walker was a tremendous…