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"Ted 2" (2015)- Review

It was better and more intense than the first one! To have Sir Morgan Freeman in the movie was absolute genius and what Ted said about his voice was so TRUE! Freeman does have "thee voice to end all voices!" The movie had a little bit more of racially charged references in it and seemed geared to make fun of African-Americans, but it was still funny nonetheless. 

I have no idea why there is so much controversy about it- movies are made for humor and not aimed intentionally to make fun of some one's ethnicity, sex, orientation, etc. The scenes that I loved the absolute BESTbesides all of them (because it is true) was the revised Law and Order theme song with Ted! He made me laugh! Seth is a stone-cold genius funnyman!

 The second favorite part of the film was the scene with Liam Neeson. He looked and sounded as if he was acting in a Takenfilm when he interacted with Ted. When Ted found something on John's laptop and then later in the movie, what he said about what he ha…

"Jurassic World" (2015)- Review

The music in some of the scenes was so beautiful and peaceful that it brought Jurassic Park 1 and 2 back to life. Dinosaurs are the essence of these movies and the raptors were just great in the movie. I cannot spell out all of the dinosaurs that I saw in the film, but you get my drift. The film was not all that amazing as every cracked it up to be. I enjoyed it- don't get me wrong, but I did not think it was some great big phenomenon. 

Some parts kept me on the edge of my seats because the dinosaurs were just so big, slimy, and the teeth were just- you get the picture. I did not have the opportunity to see the movie in IMAX 3D, but I can imagine that it would have been one heck of an experience. Chris Pratt had to add some of his own usual humor in it, of course. He and Dallas really had some on-screen chemistry towards the middle of the film where they had to work together. 

The film is suited for children and adults of all different ages. It was entertaining but made you feel lik…

"Spy" (2015)- Review

This movie was hilarious as can be! Melissa McCarthy is a riot! She is a hot damn mess! I could not contain myself or my laughter! I have no words to describe this movie other than to invent words/phrases such as: spytastic; spytacular; spyrrific; spysationallyspytastical; spyquisite; spytroadinary; and so many others! 

There was a twist in the movie that I did not see coming and I loved that. The jokes that McCarthy told about Byrne's character's clothes and hair was just so- her! I could not see anyone else playing the roles that everyone portrayed in the movie! It was the best R-rated comedy movie ever!!! 

When the opening credits came on, I felt like I was watching a remake of 007's Skyfall- so true! I kid you not! Byrne really got into her role for this film. I have never seen her portray a villain before of this magnitude. The movie had humor, it had some gruesome images, it had action, it had my full attention- besides being a huge success, it had everything to make t…