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"Burnt" (2015)- Review

This movie burned! Badly! The only thing positive and good about this film was Bradley Cooper's performance! He gave a stellar performance! There was a little shocker in the film that I did not see coming but there was NO good scenes in the film that struck me like a bolt of lightning! I CANNOT compare this film to the movie, Chef with Sofia Vergara because that movie was deliciously delightful. 

This particular movie was very badly burned. I have to agree 100% with the critics reviews of it. It was tasteless, bitter, too salty, everything that is bad for you and then the food that they were making looked gross and at least in Chef, the food looked some what fulfilling and decadent. This movie must have had a budget of  $1,000??? I am literally telling you NO lie- do not see this movie even if it is free or someone offered a bootleg copy to you! 

Just because I did not enjoy it and the movie critics did not enjoy it and there was no actors in it besides one or two; three maybe even …

"The Last Witch Hunter" (2015)- Review

The movie was just ordinary- while watching it I was thinking to myself that it was like another movie about witches called The Covenant that came out in 2006- only difference was dealing with a group of kids & this film was all about ONE witch hunter played by Vin Diesel. The movie was very original and had no umph to it. There were funny moments and those were about the only good parts of the film, honestly. I don't see this film opening up big at the Box Office this weekend. When Vin was driving in the type of car he drives in Fast/Furious films, I flashed back to that. That is what everyone knows him for- action movies & the Fast/Furious series. Seeing him in anything else is just not realistic to me; in my true opinion. 

In the last 30 minutes of the film- it finally started to catch my attention. There was a huge and shocking twist as well that no one could see coming and that is what made it interesting! This film was just average and not anything that peopl…

"Crimson Peak" IMAX (2015)- Review

The movie was NOT as scary as the preview- I think that the music and visual effects were enhancing the vibe of the movie being overall scary, but lacked and failed. All three major actors Mia, Jessica, & Tom all did outstanding jobs. I felt like I was watching Dracula or something. Jessica Chastain really got into her role and there was a disturbing twist between her & Hiddleston's characters that I did not see coming- but I did figure out the mystery. 

I just could NOT stop praising the acting performances for them all. The acting was stellar, it was key, it was sensational. But the movie was NOT stellar, awesome, & phenomenal like the actors were. The way the movie came on set the mood for the ending. The film started to get more interesting after an hour had passed and there was only 45 minutes left in the film.  

There were minimal brutal scenes; not gory- but brutal scenes to watch. Nothing horrific was shown in the film to make you want to gag or yell and scream r…

"Bridge of Spies" (2015)- Review

I can see why Tom Hanks is getting a lot of Oscar-buzz about his role in the film. He did a spectacular job. Even though the film was based on true events, there were a lot of scenes where things he and other actors/actresses did or said that was funny. It was a really awesome movie and in the final showdown scene, you will come to the realizationas to why the name of the movie was is called "Bridge of Spies." Literally. It was epic and after the film, it was revealed about the characters and what happened. 

It can bring a tear to your eye. The film was more than just about espionage, hiding secrets, betraying loved ones and your country. It was all about doing a task and looking at the bigger picture than just looking at someone spying. You have to ask yourself- WHY. WHY are they spying? WHO will benefit from it? HOW are they doing this? This film forces you to open your eyes are to look at the grand scheme of things! Hanks delivers such a phenomenal performance and the famo…

"99 Homes" (2015)- Review

This was a very tough film to watch- I CAN believe that NOT only because of what was shown in the film, but somehow, I believe that people have the types of jobs that I would NEVER want a desire to have. Jobs, for instance, like having to work for a bank and foreclose on some one's home and literally put everything that they own out on the curb of their street like in this film. 

Or a job where I would have to cut  off some one'e electricity. A job where I would have to work in a call center and hear thousands of calls from people being killed, shot, stabbed, injured, etc. I can understand why people go to the greatest of lengths to save their houses & things that are important to them, but surrendering and being pressured by illegal temptations to get what you want is another topic altogether and the film demonstrated that. 

No matter how lucrative an offer is, you have to sit down & ponder all the potential consequences. Garfield & Shannon really did an awesome job…

"The Walk" in IMAX 3D (2015)- Review

Living life on the edge is a - definite understatement in regards to this film. This movie is NOT grounded. It soars and takes you to heights unimaginable! Gordon-Levitt delivers one spectacular performance! I had the opportunity to see the film at an early screening in IMAX 3D and I was on the edge of my seat. In the final scene where he made his walk in NYC, the ENTIRE AUDIENCE WAS QUIET & NOT EVEN A SOUND WAS MADEin the auditorium- most likely because everyone was in shock as to what he was about to do. 

If I had to be there in person to watch, I would haveFROZENsolid! The entire audience was just so quiet as if they were being silent forTHE ACTOR SO HE COULD PERFORM FOR US! LIVE!That is how quiet everyone was. It was really intense and just like something I have never in my life seen before just like the trailer prepared and said in all of the advertisements! This is not a scary movie; but what Gordon-Levitt's character was interested in doing (wire walking)was scary. 

It ne…

"The Martian" 3D (2015)- Review

I underestimated this movie. I love Matt Damon, but I do NOT like too many space films like Gravity and Interstellar, but this one was pretty good. Some parts were really intense and had that "edge of your seat anxiety" to it. There were times during the film where the actors were either saying or doing something that made the audience; myself included, chuckle and laugh. Matt Damon was really the best out of the entire cast to make me laugh at some of his actions. 

He really nailed it in the film. I loved the role he played. His character was all about trying to survive on a planer where nothing grows, it was noting. he had to survive and make die with the resources and things at his disposal. He showed us (the audience) that if you have enough will-power, drive, ambition, and courage, you can surpass anything even in space. THAT IS THE ONLY LESSON IN THE MOVIE THAT MATT DAMON PORTRAYED!The entire film was in 3D, but there were not that many 3D effects in it. Granted, I felt…