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Thee 2015 Top Ten Annual Review Commences!

Hey My Fellow Blog Readers-
I do not know who follows my blog on a regular basis, but I monitor the activity and try to post WEEKLY because I am a real lover of movies. For any of you who did check week to week and missed my posts, I sincerely appreciate you and I appreciate EVERYONE who even comes from time to time. I created this blog to rate movies in my own way - as myself and not like the critics critiques movies so harshly and such. So EVERY every year, I rate movies from 10 BEING THE BEST...all the way to ONE BEING THE ABSOLUTE here we go...

#10: "Pitch Perfect 2"

#9: "The Perfect Guy"

#8: "Spectre"

#7: "San Andreas"

#6: "The Walk"

#5: "Creed"

#4: "Fast & Furious 7"

#3: "Spy"

#2: "Fifty Shades of Grey"

THEE #1 Movie of 2015: "Age of Adaline"

Look forward to the new re-designed postings for the new year of 2016! I hope you will like the new set up. Love you all! Xo!

The Hateful Eight (2015)- Review

Three + Hours + Long = Intermission. I have NEVER in my entire life; while in a movie theater actually had an intermission during a film. I sincerely hope that this will not be a new trend to look forward to in the New Year! Tarintino actually had an intermission placed in his 3-hour long cowboy western bloody and gory as usual film. I cannot believe that this film was three hours long! 3! Never going to get over that! Lol! The film was told in five chapters. 

The same formatting of his Kill Bill films was how this one was formatted only it was broken down in to various chapters that seemed  like they would never end! He also did something that I despise in films- show the ending first and then work their way backwards to reveal why the film started the way that it did! Ugh I detest that so much in films! There is a huge shocker with Jackson's character that makes you just drop your mouth in total and utter awe & disbelief!

Leigh really deserves an Oscar for her role in the film…

"Daddy's Home" (2015)- Review

I laughed my tail off at this movie. If I ever saw a movie where Will Ferrell is portraying a reasonable and rational role and it is not a comedy, I would have to check myself in a psych hospital because I would not believe it- seriously! Lol. Wahlberg & Ferrell have that on-screen co-parenting chemistry in this film- those two kids were- hilarious! Simply hilarious especially that little girl and the things that she was saying! Geez! My favorite scene I the entire film had to be the skating scene with Will and Mark. 

Mark is just a piece of work in the film and Will is a goofball. Will Ferrell is a comedy genius. Each and every single thing he says and does is funny to me. I loved how much I was laughing during my time watching this highly entertaining film no thanks to Will Ferrell and Hannibal Burgess. Burgess really was an added bonus in the film- he added the comedy to the next level by saying the simplest things- which were stupid- but was still over the top funny! This was a…

"Joy" (2015)- Review

Lawrence really gave another great stellar performance in her role as, Joy. Cooper & DeNiro worked really hard in their roles but Lawrence stole the show! Lawrence is really making a name for herself in the acting industry- I have to give credit where it is due. This film was really good. It showed the fact that a woman can grow up and become a strong and independent force to be reckoned with- when pushed beyond her set limits/boundaries. The character of Joy was smart, confident, and innovative. She used her talents to make a name for herself. 

When there was a roadblock- she endured right past it and found other avenues to conquer whatever came her way. Joy did not need a man to take care of her or do anything for her. She was self-sufficient and reliant. That is how a strong lady behaves and she exhibited those characteristics. She kept telling everyone that she did not want to be like her mother or her family- she was going to make something for herself and of herself and she p…

"Concussion" (2015)- Review

Will Smith delivers! This film was phenomenal, epic, mind-blowing, & so much more! I loved that this was a true story. The thing that I love, admired and respected about the character that Smith portrayed was the fact that he communicated to the bodies that he performed autopsies on- he wanted to identify with them not make them feel useless as if they were just a piece of rotting flesh on a table getting cut up with no regard to human life whatsoever and no one respected that about Smith’s character which was a real man, a real doctor in love with medicine and finding cures to a real illness that everyone wanted to pretend never existed or could potentially exist. At the close of the film, it was very hard for me to watch it because of the set of events that took place between the doctor and his wife. 

But after some time had passed, I came to the realization that those two people had to do something in order to have something (spoiler alert). Smith really captured the screen when…

"The Big Short" (2015)- Review

The rating for this film will be one of the shortest ones ever- in history! This movie sucked. To say that 4 top major actors starred in the movie- it was  a bust! If this movie winds up being nominated at the Oscars for anything, I think that I will barf! It did NOT keep my attention. I was falling asleep in it! The Wolf of Wall Street was better. Anything had to have been better than sitting though this depressing and stupid movie to say that it was based on a true story. 

I found that incredibly hard to believe! Seriously! The only two good things that came out of this film was the performances of two actors of the 4. That is Christian Bale and Steve Carrell. The movie was terrible! Horrible! I simply have no idea why it was even made! The entire movie burned, badly! I do not recommend you seeing this film! Do NOT see it! Steer clear of it! Do not see it for free; do not pay a matinee price to see it; do not- DEFINITELY DO NOT pay full admission price for it! The Big Short is a big …

"In The Heart Of The Sea" (2015)- Review

Chris Hemsworth really gave a stellar performance. This movie is Oscar-worthy I feel. I had the opportunity to see it in IMAX & it was just astonishing to me. Really and deeply. Words just cannot describe the heroic and very courageous acts that everyone did in order to survive & make it back to land and most importantly- to their respective families. 

The imagery/visual effects was just amazing & just on-point! I felt like I was watching Titanic the entire time because it was being told of what happened to and on the Essex from someone's perspective just like in Titanic. The film was very enjoyable to watch & I feel Ron Howard should be nominated for lots of awards because of this film. It shows more about effort, teamwork, putting aside differences and animosities rather than that of a whale. The name of this film is called "in the HEART of the sea" for a VERY SPECIFIC a reason. Think about that for a moment. 

Everyone in the film had HEART; everyone has …