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"Mother's Day" Is Just Another Day! {Grade of D}

The movie was very sweet & charismatic. Each of the four mothers had their own littler personal story to tell, but they were all intertwined with the addition of the one male character that stood out during the entire film and that was the character of Bradley.

A male's perspective was keen in this film because that was was needed to show that NOT only could single moms make it without a man- that men can do it too. Also, I felt like with the two ladies who had kids but had no male-father figure in the him or by their sides that they showed they could be both parents, but....BUT it would be nice to have a supportive person to fall or to lean on and not have to do everything alone.

This is a really predictable and yet tremendously funny film. I feel that Aniston's character was THE ONE that shined in the film and taught the audience about what it TRULY means to be a mother- single or not. She gave specific- VERY specific examples of how a mother should act and the type of rol…

"The Huntsman: Winter's War" Is Cold & Good! {Grade of A}

They've done it again! Just like in the first film- they cut the amount of time Charlize Theron was in the movie. The entire movie was about The Ice Queen. Do NOT get me wrong- Emily Blunt gave a magnificent and icy performance and I was really feeling her pain and rage while watching the film.

Emily Blunt was flawless! I simply cannot get over how AWESOME she did in her role! It is not like I was expecting her to fail, but I was not expecting what I saw from her! She was monumental just like her Ice Fortress she built. Blunt & Theron really had the sibling rivalry down perfectly. The moral of the story was that Ravenna wanted Freya to be strong and fearless like her, but the manner in which Ravenna went about it was all wrong and that was her weakness- not Freya, but doing things underhandedly and in her own way in what she saw and felt was right was her Achilles Heel.

The characters of Eric & Sara were monumental in the film because they were the warriors/hunts-people of t…

"Criminal" Escapes Custody! {Grade of A}

This was a low-budget film, but an exceptionally well-played movie. I felt like half of the plot was taken from Ryan Reynolds' Self/less film that he made last year with the only difference is the implantation of brain activity & not the entire bodies switching up. I didn't except as much gore as I saw, but that made the film live up the the actual name of the movie. 

Kevin Costner. He. Needs. An. Award. For. His. Role. Costner played his role just like a ruthless, cold-blooded, heartless alpha male with only one characteristic: he acted like a robot the entire time! Lol! It was like he was adjusting to living a life that he had never known and he made it funny, but at the same time focused and zeroed in on the task- and that was finding who he needed to find. 

Gadot was a really magnificent addition to the film. Her role was pivotal because she showed Costner how her husband was and through her, Costner changed his whole lifestyle that he had ever known simply because of he…

"Barbershop: The Next Cut" Blends Right In {Grade of B}

I know without a doubt that this movie was stellar & flawless! They had a unique message to relay to their audiences and it went way beyond Cedric the Entertainer's antics as his usual character- it was to bring up and address a real issue in today's society and that was violence- sure there were funny and dramatic moments, but there were also REAL ones and it was addressed in the film. You could not ignore that no matter who much you were laughing. I loved that about this cut. It was shard and fiya!

The majority of the film was about deep issues, but they also wanted the audiences to appreciate that you cannot be scared all the time, but that you have to face the insane and terrifying obstacles that are placed in your path. 

Everyone has the tendency to run away from their problems, but you have to face them head on and what will be- will be. That is the lesson that Ice Cube's faced and portrayed throughout the film. No matter what challenges came his way- Calvin wanted…

"The Boss" Stays on Top! {Grade of A}

Darnell's Darlings! What a great name for a great bossarrific brownie business! McCarthy NEVER disappoints, does she? This movie was funny from beginning to end! She and Bell really had on-screen magic! I cannot pin-point my favorite scene because they all were hysterical to me! The opening scene at the orphanage set the tone that the laughter would never ever stop!

Getting past the comedy portion of the movie and going more towards the message that it relayed also: I felt that the character of Michelle Darnell was crucial to film because she had to learn that wealth was not everything and you just cannot assume that you are right about everything & everyone simply because you are rich- you can't forget where you came from and how you came to be successful.

People allow money to control them and change them; who they are as a person & her assistant played by Bell had to show and constantly remind her of that. This is the message that I pulled from the story amidst all of…