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"X-Men: Apocalypse" Smashes! {Grade of A}

The Apocalypse: The moral behind the story of this mutant was that he wanted to take over the entire world. To wipe out & erase all mankind; everything & to start again from scratch. The Four Horsemen that he gave more power- I feel that he really didn't. He gave them the power and strength that they always had from within and he just tapped into it for them. They prevailed. All 4 of them prevailed! They conquered AGAINST the apocalypse. They proved that they were strong. 

The main and ultimate goal of all the X-Men films is simple: to tap into the power that you already have inside of you & to unleash its full power and potential WHEN NEEDED! This was sort of a back story at times because it demonstrated how Cyclops and Jean met; there was a scene with Wolverine and how he met Jean; how Storm came to be a student at the Gifted School and how Peter strives to fight for his family and how his power would always lead him to his father, but never caught up to him even thou…

"Neighbors 2: Sorority Rising" Moves Out! {Grade of C}

So sorry, neighbors! The movie stated off really funny and sexual (which you need to have with Seth & Rose, naturally). Those two having sex is such a joke to me! There is a total jaw-dropping story-line with Dave Franco's character that I did not see "coming." 

There is some great news for Efron's character- he FINALLY finds his "itch" of what he wants to do with his life & the fact that his BFF which is played by Franco told him WHY WHY WHY so many "specific people" is requesting services is f****d up is hilarious! To have the old gang back in the movie (meaning the guys from the first movie) was a quick riot reunion! I loved the first film, but this sequel was funny but NOT nearly as funny as the first. 

That is why I apologized when I started this rating. Don't get me wrong- the film is entertaining; not highly, wildly, or even mildly- but just plain old entertaining. Period! Seth Rogen & Zac Efron need to do a comedy movie where…

"The Nice Guys" Are Average and Dull {Grade of C}

This was the CRAZIEST & the most entertaining film that I have ever seen this year! Crowe & Gosling work extremely well together! They had me "cracking" up with laughter!

This is an action-comedy movie that did NOT disappoint. Gosling really gets into the role in the film. He really plays stupid- flawlessly. The introduction of Kim Basinger plays a very crucial & pivotal role in the movie- believe that! There is a plot twist that will take you by surprise! 

I have no more that I can say about the movie except that it was well worth the wait! I did not stop laughing! I couldn't! It was like watching a spoof movie without the spoof & instead watching a action movie with comedy but that Steve Urkel sort of comedy. 

Does that make any sense to you? To say that this movie was all about finding a dead porn star's missing film- it was so much more than that to me- the real lesson of this movie was the good guys were being nice guys while trying to find the bad …

"Money Monster" Is A Felony! {Grade of F}

This was simply a film like that of Denzel Washington's, John Q. Someone taking hostage of a situation because they were not pleased with a certain outcome & wanted to cast out all of their hurt and pain on the object of their hurt and distraught feelings.

Have you ever been to a movie & you are just- numb? The movie does NOTHING for you except maybe put you to sleep? Have you ever put a movie on your TV just because you want to have something on until you fall asleep? That is ALL this film does- puts you to sleep. Sure, there is action, but not that much! And the little piece of action that is shown does not keep you that fascinated. 

It isn't the type of action that you would expect from a movie where a psychopath is holding people: very innocent people hostage at gunpoint. This film had a great plot (that has been portrayed in millions of other films) that could have been brought alive- but it failed- very, very miserably. 

This film should have been brought directly t…

"Capt. America: Civil War" Beats All Odds! {Grade of A}

Wow. The movie was greater than I ever had imagined it to be. That character of Vision who is Stark's ally is just such a character like Tony. He really says some of the most outrageous things. His humor matches that of Stark's. That is for sure! Downey, Jr. ALWAYS adds his own brand of humor in these Marvel films & I love that about him! Laughter is good- in any sort of a movie no matter the genre!

There really wasn't much of a war brewing between the characters of Captain America and Iron man. They both did not see eye-to-eye on things. The same situation can occur in life today. People will not agree on everything; but it is the tactful way in which to handle things & Captain America handled them in a respectable manner fighting for what he wants and believes was true whereas Iron man just wanted to fight- literally to stop the Captain. 

And what happened? 

Someone realized their mistake and apologized. I will not say who- but once that happened, another secret is …