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"Don't Breathe" Never Stays Silent! {Grade of A}

This movie should have been called, "Senses." I say this because the main antagonist aka the blind man booby-trapped his house to compensate for his one sense that he lost. That was the first thing that I figured out while watching the film after the first "brutal encounter."

There were some disgusting twists and turns throughout this entire movie that will make you gag and just open your mouth in utter disbelief! There was one girl in the movie theater that yelled at the screen in the auditorium. Those type of girls make me laugh as if the actors in the film can hear them, but the sad thing is that what they scream out loud is the truth.

 In horror films, if the characters do what is right, the movie would be only ten seconds long. When I first saw the trailer for this film, I was absolutely stunned that I had never heard of this movie on my own- from researching for new upcoming films that I wanted to see. Everything that I saw in the trailer was so brutal & bo…

"Mechanic 2: Resurrection" Fails! {Grade of D}

Jason Statham. Jessica Alba. Enough said, except- pick up the pace- the movie was so ewww. Those two were the only good thing! I hate writing this, but I only vow to speak the truth! The movie sucked!

 I loved how Statham leaped off tall building & jumped into oceans, planes, etc. but it all looked stage (which in acting it is) but it was so low-budget that they could not afford to make it look realistic! Showing action in trailers is one thing, but when you cannot live up to the hype and intensify that in a film in the final product- then you have a real serious problem. 

Something else that I noticed in the film which was very irritating- have you ever watched anything on TV and everything and everyone is moving talking at a somewhat rapid pace and it is no on-point? THIS IS THAT FILM! Maybe something was wrong at the theater I went to with their projection screens. I have no clue- but if it was not my theaters fault- then that is another big reason this film was not a success! 


"War Dogs" Have No Bark! {Grade of C}

That laugh of Jonah Hill's- hysterical! Every time he laughs in the film- YOU will laugh! Guarantee it! It is like his trademark or something! Seriously! Getting past that & moving on- he made the movie a success. Sure, Teller was his co-star, but to me, Miles was only a bonus feeding off of Hill's comedic performances!

I don't particularly like movies that are evolving to showing the ending first when the film comes on and then rewinding all the way back to the beginning. Strangely, I am getting use to it and am seeing how it makes sense to do them that way, but I like movies that start from the beginning and go forward and not start with the "cryptic" end and rolls backwards until the mystery is solved in the end and then we flash forward three months later and then it goes off. Too much technicality for me. This movie does that.

All that you hear is a voice threatening some one and then the movie begins and you have to watch it for 2 hours before you figure …

"Suicide Squad" Leaves Its Stain! {Grade of A}

I have NO idea as to how or where to start! Waiting a year to see this movie was well-worth the wait! The way the film first came on and the last "killer"ending were the two most insane parts of the movie to me! They were perfect! The beginning and the ending! I have NEVER in my entire life said that about a movie- ever! Ever! Ever!

I had the chance to see this movie a day before it opened it worldwide and no matter what auditorium I passed by- the hallways were jam-packed with people waiting to see it and it did not matter if it was IMAX 3D, 2D, or 3D. I saw it in IMAX 3D, naturally. Enough of that.... I realize that there was some controversy about Leto's portrayal as The Joker and living up to the hype of Heath Ledger's portrayal as The Joker. 

In my very candid opinion, I felt that Leto acted just as good as the very original Joker, Mr. Nicholson. He was funny, dumb-witted, and just a joker! He was more of like The Joker: A Bling Out Pimp. He MOST DEFINITELY brough…