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Deepwater Horizon Rises From It All! {Grade of A}

Where do I even begin? Out of all the remarkable & epic comments and quotes that people and movie critics have been saying about this absolutely flawless film, I still have no words to describe it. It was emotional, perfect, stellar, the best thrilling true story of this year; nothing can top this! Nothing!!

Seeing this film in IMAX made me really feel the emotions of each and every single character in the movie especially those of Hudson and Wahlberg. When Mike would say "gimme those eyes" to his wife, I saw that as a strong unconditional love and bond that they shared together. That was so touching to me despite what came after that. 

When the film first started off, I saw the Williams' family as the model and perfect family. They might not have had a mansion or fancy cars- but what they had was love and the perfect life. That was what I saw right off the bat from the beginning. This was truly reminding me of Wahlberg's other film that was similar to this, Contra…

"Masterminds" Loses It All! {Grade of D}

Masterminds? Really, say that this film was based on true events just like War Dogs is a very and extremely difficult concept for me to believe because it was so comical. War Dogs was based on true events just like this film. I suppose that it is simply my way of thinking.

Films that are comical in nature are just that- comical but to to be funny and TRUE. That is what is hard for me to grasp because any story that is based on TRUE events I feel should be serious. But I was not there (when the true events occurred) when any of the films that hit theaters to tell their stories. Enough of my ranting on that concept- to the actual film.

Zach & Kristen really made the film. The focus was on those two- no matter what. Galafanakis is always essential and pivotal in every film because eh delights the audiences with how he portrays "immature & stupid" not to mention brainless behavior! Lol! You cannot help but to laugh uncontrollably at him simply because he is alwa…

"The Magnificent Seven" Rides Right On Through! {Grade of A}

I have to start off by proclaiming that Washington's performance was: Stellar! Killer! Flawless! Perfect as always! Denzel always delivers! I was not astonished or captivated by his performance because like I said, always delivers! Pow! Wooooowww!

Denzel was "magnificent" as well as his outrageously humorous co-star, Chris Pratt. Pratt added the mild- very mild humor to the film which any film needs no matter the genre...a little dosage of humor is always a good thing! Those two had on-screen magic and it showed!

I was very & highly impressed with the way in which the Director displayed the scenes with such authenticity. It made me feel like I was really there. All of the characters, I could feel what they were feeling and I was overcome with so many different emotions all at once.  

Knowing that I saw this film in a Dolby Theater where the sound was magnified 1,000 x's better than in IMAX- it really places you in the actual movie because the seats vibrate and movie…

"Blair Witch" Stings {Grade of F}

This film is NOT even worth any of your time- not even money! I did not see the first one, but I am so glad that I did not because if the camera was moving constantly like it was in this one and it sucked, I can sincerely understand why this one was damn bust too! 

I got to see it at an early screening and that is the absolute ONLY reason as to why I saw it! It was 100% FREE! Of course, they show you the best clips/portions in the trailers of course! There were some parts in the movie that can make you shake and jump because some parts catch you off guard no matter how much you are looking at the movie screen & concentrating on it!

 This movie has no bearing on me at all- if this was a sequel, it was a poor one that did not even need to be made! I have nothing more to even write about it! I literally think that this is thee shortest rating I have ever written in a few years on my blog since I began it. The ending sucked just like the film as a whole!

 I hate films that leave you gues…

"Snowden" Gets Plowed! {Grade of C}

The movie was NOT that much over the top as many said that it was, but it was lacking the actions seeings as governmental officials were after him. Gordon-Levitt really did a great job at spicing up his voice for this role. That was the first characteristic that I observed when he first spoke because that is not his normal voice.

Woodley came in at the right moment and I really identified with her role because she loved him so much that she gave up her life for his even if it meant living a life on the run. This was an era for change for her character because it was not some thing that she was ever use to. 

Being in love with a man who spied on governmental people for a living and could not literally divulge anything to her for two reasons: it was a part of his job & second, he did not want her to know anything (whether it be huge or tiny) simply for the reason that he did not want to be responsible for any harm if it did come to her.

Edward Snowden believed in honesty and had hardco…

"When The Bough Breaks" Latches On For Survival {Grade of B}

Talk about dangerous seduction taking a turn! First off, I have to say that I did not like the ending. The ending matched that of a good novel- you know how you want to keep reading when you get to the end and they just leave you with something that keeps you wondering.....

Sinclair did a great job at portraying the typical role  of a girl dangerously obsessed with a man that she cannot have. Her character started out an a scared and timid little girl & then grew up in to a full-fledged adult with killer instincts in a heartbeat! They way that Anna was throwing herself all around John had all of us in the theater laughing and just talking out loud to ourselves and the screen. She was a natural at doing that. Lol!

Both John & Laura only had one last shot at becoming parents so they were just as lethal as the deadly Anna to get their baby. Anna had a huge secret that gets revealed. Laura was the gullible type who let Anna have her way because she was making her a mother, but then w…

"Morgan" Goes Out! {Grade of C}

Morgan. IT is nothing but another movie- what is it called? Oh, yeah- "Splice." That is what I thought about when they referred to Morgan as a she instead of an it. Morgan was the result of a lab experiment to make a hybrid person/animal/lab-rat/whatever else you want to put to it.

Now, I would like to expound into Kate Mara's performance a little bit. Her role was very pivotal to the film simply because she was sent in from Corporate because Morgan had attacked a fellow member of the company and she had to decide whether to terminate Morgan or not because of that encounter. 

When Mara first came on the screen, I was immediately intrigued as to how she carried herself and her mannerisms (trying to not give spoilers here). I began to question her acting capabilities, but as the movie progressed on. I realized WHY she was acting the way that she was & then it all made perfect sense to me & it most definitely will to you as well. On another note, Mara seemed to be a l…