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Travis' Top Ten of 2016...

Hiya ALL Of My Loyal Readers-
I am never aware of who follows/reads/posts on my blog on a regular basis, but I monitor the activity and try to post WEEKLY because I am a real lover of movies. For any of you who did check week to week and missed my posts, I applaud you and I appreciate EVERYONE who even visits & reads from time to time. I created this blog to rate movies in my own way - as in myself and not like the critics.  Their critiques on films are so harshly and such. So EVERY year on December 31st, I rate movies from 10 BEING THE BEST...all the way to 1 BEING THE ABSOLUTE here we go.....

#10: "Deadpool"

#9: "Now You See Me II: The 2nd Act

#8: "Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice"

#7: "The Conjuring II"

#6: "Miracles From Heaven"

#5: "Deepwater Horizon"

#4: "Bad Moms"

#3: "Collateral Beauty"

#2: "Suicide Squad"

THEE #1 Movie of 2016: "Why Him"

Look forward to the new re-designed …

"Fences" Knocks Down All Barriers! {Grade of A}

Denzel Washington & Viola Davis- they both gave colossal and flawless, powerful, and stellar performances! You could tell that the film was mainly centered around Washington, but the acting of Davis was making me feel her pain, her joy, her everything. She gave her all in the movie. She is always overlooked at the Oscars- she should not for this role!
What I could grasp from the film was that even though Troy faced many hardships and extreme challenges in life he tried to make the most out of every situation and Rose was always there right by his side through it all like she proclaimed in her solo speech scene (she has many of them where she shines on that alone).
Troy had to climb so many "fences" in order to make ends meet, made scarifies for his family & even though Rose and his kids did not agree with him on his methods- he still stuck to what his family and especially his kids needed to know- what he EMPHASIZED- and that was realism. He ALWAYS kept it real with hi…

"Why Him?" Is A Great Question! {Grade of A}

Whoa! This is the most spectacular movie that I have seen in 2016! Very and highly crude, rude, and on as Laird says, "on motherf****n point dude! Lol! The character of Laird was very edgy &a good girl being in love with a person who has "no filter" as Stephanie described him was 100% accurate. The way that Franco behaved would scare off any parent and would want their daughter away from someone who behaves so freely and expresses himself in the most unorthodox way.
Now, onto the flip side of that- once the couple's daughter moves out of the house and starts a life of her very own- she still wants her parents to get to know who she is dating but can also have reservations about when, where, why, and especially how to tell them if she knows if they would approve or not......and this is what we call, Laird.
This movie was hilarious from start to finish and some of the things that I witnessed and heard throughout the film was hysterical and I will not divulge any of …

"Passengers" Flies High! {Grade of A}

Aurora was like something from out of this world to Jim. She was like his soulmate- a vision of loveliness; the perfect angel; just someone just so perfect that needed to be awakened. That is how Jim saw Lawrence's character in the film. I had to get this out of the way before I got into my rating of the film in its entirety.
Lawrence & Pratt had definite on-screen chemistry- that is for certain. I felt all of the emotions that they both were displaying to the audience! No movie would not be complete without Pratt adding a little of his hysterical jokes and humor to it even in a tragic situation as they faced on the ship.
The movie was more than a Science Fiction film- it was more of a love story about two passengers who were both alone in their own unique way and found each other even though the circumstances were completely different, but when Aurora stopped to realize why she was awakened- that is when she knew she could create her own life; her own destiny and live it to the…

"Collateral Beauty" Is A Masterpiece! {Grade of A}

I do not even know where to begin! How about the beginning- by that, I mean the opening titles of the film. The way that the film came on was magnificent, calm, peaceful, and then it all went spiraling downhill due to Howard's daughter's death hence the dominoes. That was the symbolism that I received from that opening scene. It was crucial to the film in the sense that it set the tone of the film as to why Howard "shut down" and his three closest friends tried to help him be vibrant and re-join the living again.
There was a very unique situation that you will realize after the entrance of Amy comes into "play." When you see the trailer for the film- you think....and then when you watch the're like, "Whoa! I didn't expect that!" Talking about Death aka Helen Mirren- she was a character (I mean entertaining). She told jokes and cracked me up! Trust me!
Talking about Love aka Kiera Knightley- she was the perfect person to portray t…

"La La Land" Speaks Volumes! {Grade of B}

All I can hear is the song that Ryan Gosling was playing on the piano in my head from the moment I saw the very first trailer until now since I have seen the film early at a test screening: "City of Stars."
It is so easy to comprehend why the film is entitled the way that it is because it is like a fairy tale- but sort of. Without going into too much into detail because I not want to spoil it for any of you who plan on seeing it. I will try to divulge pieces of what I feel you should know without ruining any portion of the film....
Both characters- Sebastian and Mia were living in La La Land because they felt neither one of their respective aspirations would not come to pass. We see them in the film aiming to reach their goals, but do YOU think that they will they fulfill them? While both characters have the magic and stars in their eyes about what they want, there is one character that stays on course, but deviates for a little bit while the other just deviates. Can you guess…

"Office Christmas Party" Doesn't Get Wild Enough {Grade of B}

McKinnon was words! I have NO words! She took Human Resources to the EXTREME, baby! The total 100% playing by the rules book HR! Lol! She was funny once she broke out of that shell thanks to the office party that she helped plan!
Vance played his role with such enthusiasm and I KNOW that stunt double must have banged his head when he grabbed onto those lights and landed on that desk at the bottom of the staircase! That was hilarious! I was waiting on that part ever since I saw it in the trailer! Lol!
Jennifer Aniston was acting ALMOST like Meryl Streep in The Devil Wears Prada only Aniston's character wanted  to wear the title of CEO and she had a change of heart about a lot of things at the close of the film whereas in The Devil Wears Prada, Streep's role did not show once ounce of remorse or compassion- it was shown at the end of that film but not even with a smile but a back-handed comment from her heart.
Jennifer really made me think about that film every time her …