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"Power Rangers" → Pretty Average!

Film Synopsis: A group of high school kids are infused with superhero powers, harness
their abilities in order to save the world. 

Have you ever wondered to yourself that the one actor/actress that you envisioned for a role in a movie could land the part and then when you see the actual finished is not who you had hoped but you wind up loving who was chosen for the role and they nailed it? That is how I felt about this entire cast. I just wanted to throw that out there before I got into my rating.

That is how I felt about Elizabeth Banks as Rita. I have never seen her portray a villain before in a movie and she was great at it. I can compliment her on that role all day 24/7. Banks really should have been seen more in this film. 

It was a good thing that she needed gold because gold shined and so did she in the film. I was in total amazement! Out of the 5 kids that were the Power Rangers, the baddest one of all was Trini to me and not Kimberly. Most of you will think it is K…

"Wilson" → Clueless Film!

Film Synopsis: A lonely, neurotic and hilariously honest middle-aged man (Woody
Harrelson) reunites with his estranged wife (Laura Dern) & meets his teenage daughter for the first time.

OK. Let's see where I can begin with this here film. First, I will say that Harrelson's portrayal of Wilson. He was not psycho as in a crazed insane individual. 

He was very neurotic. His behavior was not "waaay" out there; Wilson was very reserved because everything he loved & cherished was taken out of his life- his child, his favorite girl, and much more and he felt lost! This was a very poorly developed film. It was not enjoyable. 

They only good thing that came from this movie was seeing Woody Harrelson! This is NOT a film that I would pay to see whether be matinee or free. This is such a film that I would like to see got directly to DVD/television. 

This wasn't a worthless film because the message was still there about being a lonesome in life- it's so strange to kno…

"CHiPs" → Like Eating Plain & Tasteless Potato Chips

Film Synopsis: A rookie officer (Michael Pena) is teamed with a hardened pro (Dax Shepard) @ the California Highway Patrol, though the newbie soon discovers his partner is really an  undercover Fed investigating a heist that may have involved some crooked cops. 

Right from the bat, I coudl tell that this was a low-budget film. It was funny, but the picture quality was not all that great and that is what was a big turn off to me. 

It had some pretty good cast members in it. The story-line as not all that great and boy it seemed like everyone was dirty in the film: lovers, cops, husbands, wives, etc. Geezum! Don't think the movie is about action and so much more SMALLER than that.

It was on the borderline between laughter and just keeping me barely entertained with minimal laughter. I would say that this is a red-box rental. The only thing that was making the film funny was Dax Shephard and Michael Pena. I would say more of Dax than that of Pena. 

The film did not go off the…

"The Belko Experiment" → Gory Office Catastrophe

Film Synopsis: In a twisted social experiment, 80 American are locked up in their high-rise corporate office building in Bogata, Columbia & ordered by an unknown voice over the PA System to participate in a deadly game of kill or be killed- did they all comply? 

This was a film based on a very good & most interesting plot- the only downfall was that it was poorly directed and poorly shot. It should have gone straight to DVD and skipped theaters in my expert opinion. I could tell that the budget was not that much and to only shoot in one location: Columbia. 

Like I stated, this film really did (and I say this truthfully) have a premise that was intriguing; I really felt that there were not any well-known actors in the movie to make it a success! The background music, the opening sequences music, and the music in the actual film was all Latino musica; which set the tone seeing as the film was set in Columbia. Truly funny and appropriate!

The killings were massive, in packs, and bru…

"Beauty And The Beast" → Never Goes Out Of Style!

Film Synopsis: An adaptation of the Disney fairy tale about a monstrous-looking prince (Dan Stevens) & a young woman (Emma Watson) who fall in love. 

A classic fairy tale that NEVER gets old and NEVER EVER goes out of style- no matter how many times someone re-makes it. The sole and main purpose is still always there- love and overlooking someone's exterior and knowing what is most CRUCIAL- their interior. Ever heard of the old saying of "never judge a book by its cover."

In this epic classic tale, this rings true which is most likely the reason Beastly was made as a spin off from this. Beastly starred Alex Pettyfer and Vanessa Hudgens in the exact same story-line. I don't need to get into details about the film because we have all heard the story so I will write my review based on the actors in the film without giving away any certain details or aspects of the film. 

Firstly, Luke Evans & Josh Gad are an absolutely awesome duo! Even solo, Josh Gad shines- he is…

"Kong: Skull Island" → Monstrous Enjoyment!

Film Synopsis: A team of scientists explore an uncharted island in the Pacific, venturing into the domain of the mighty Kong & must fight in order to escape a primal Eden. 

I had my doubts about seeing the movie- but, I am actually kind of glad that I went ahead and jumped at the chance to see it. I was really impressed with what I saw and amazed at how similar this movie was to Jurassic Park

I say that because I never knew what was a figment of my imagination in the film- or something realistic! The film did a good job at bringing the oddest things to life. It had some gross parts to it, but in every movie you need a little grotesque in films esp films like these to make the audiences jump in shock and awe. 

You should stay for the ending credits because it will be interesting for you what is revealed. My favorite part of the film was when Kong allowed Mason to get close to him. 

The role that Jackson played was the villain to me because he did not understand that Kong was defendin…