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"Step Up 4: Revolution" 3D (2012)- Review

I think that this is the ONE and ONLY Step Up film in the franchise that was a halfway re-make of the original because there were certain scenarios throughout the film that referenced back to the first one and if you are a true and hardcore Step Up fan, you will immediately know them when you see them in this film. There were only two actors in this film that one could recognize; one is Moose, of course, and two is the actor who portrayed Mr. Anderson and that is it. I felt like Guzman and McCormick really danced well (like Channing Tatum) taught them a thing or two. Lol! The tone of the movie was just very utterly original to me and not like anything new was presented as in parts 2 and 3 combined. What was unique about this film was that "The Mob" put their stamp/logo on their work after they "showed off" their talent. When the dancers dance, they really look like robots and then when the music picks up the pace, they move back normally. That is odd to see, people…

"The Watch" (2012)- Review

I think that as a whole, the film was very entertaining, but not grand. Vaughn & Hill lit up the screen and Stiller & Ayoade were mildly funny, I felt. When and if you decide to watch the movie, I am pretty sure that you will agree with me, if not, that is okay too. There were so many great laughs because of Hill & Vaughn. Some of the things that those two characters said and did was just off the charts hilarious! They captured the screen and my eye, in fact. I was laughing almost out of my seat because certain things were just THAT FUNNY! Stiller's character was more of the "strict, play by the rules" type and was not humorous at all, if any. Usually, Stiller is making me laugh in almost any movie. Ayoade was mildly funny with his facial expressions and how he talked mostly. It was kind of strange to see aliens in a comedy film. The whole entire time I was watching it, I was thinking that this had the potential to be a horror film, just change the main cas…

"The Dark Knight Rises" IMAX (2012)- Review

Whew! Where do I begin? I thought that the ending was pretty sweet and as soon as people heard "Robin," the audience starting making noises and shouting! Lol! I really think that Hathaway did a good job as the badass catwoman, but I, personally think that they should have found someone with more a a tough exterior look for that role. Hathaway has a sweet & innocent face and no matter how hard she tries to be "bad to the bone," she NEVER captures the screen no matter how hard she tries TO BE A TOUGH CHARACTER. She did do a good job in this movie, but her character was not shown enough. I felt when they first presented her on screen-there should have been provocative music playing as the camera caught her from her boots all the way up to her full body-make it look intriguing, you know? Keep somewhat of the mystery and suspense going! She did look hot in that leather outfit, but her long hair made her look like a young catwoman too-she should have had a full mask …

"The Amazing Spiderman" in IMAX 3D (2012)- Review

What an AMAZING IMAX 3D Experience this movie was! The only time that it was 3D, to me, was when Spiderman was flying all over NYC-especially in the final scene when he was fighting Dr. Conners/The Giant Lizard. The way that it ended was awesome as well. Every movie poster for this film that looks 3D will automatically remind me of seeing it in IMAX 3D! This is the first film that I have felt it will be awesome and it was, that I felt the 3D experience would be intense and it was, the action would be cool and it was, the IMAX screen would make it even better and it did! I was so right on the head about all of these things! Definitely see this movie in the format that it was filmed in: IMAX 3D! It is just unbelievable at how Spiderman was flying straight to you and the whole landscape view of NY in certain scenes can just take your breath away. This Spiderman movie had a lot of scenes that were my absolute favorite-like the subway scene; the scene where Peter is talking to Gwen and he…